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December 26, 2017 – 12:52 pm | No Comment

This Week 7’s (12.14 – 12.31) Affirmation: Mindfulness – I will reach for mindfulness each day.
Date – 12.26.17
B-Book 44: Do the Work by Steven Pressfield
The key message in this book: Often we stop dead in our tracks …

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Mad Musings

First category I added when I started this blog many moons ago. I jot stuff here I can't otherwise categorize.

what the...?

The section you will see a swear or two in. Not that I am a big fan, but sometimes situation can't be helped

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Here you will find books that I have read, reading or intend to read. More Recent Reads => CLICK HERE.

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I intend to use this area to catalog my writing journey and collect tidbits of information on the authoring process.


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Coding/Hacking My Life Away

January 21, 2004 – 7:06 pm | No Comment

Got a good couple of days worth of coding/hacking done. Working on a script for a site that I am thinking of putting together. The focus is on “goals”. Not sure …

Long Day…

January 19, 2004 – 8:53 pm | No Comment

Simply too tired to post…will pick up tomorrow

Pretty Good Day Today…hmm

January 18, 2004 – 5:34 pm | No Comment

Okay, pretty good day. Just wanted to drop a couple lines before taking off to go watch the games. Not really a New England Fan, but it seems that they may be the …

Long day…no complains here

January 17, 2004 – 6:49 pm | No Comment

Compare to how some of my other days have been, I really needed a day like today. It was not exactly relaxing, but it was free of alot of the regular distractions.
This weekend …

The World Needs Love…I Mean it!

January 16, 2004 – 7:47 am | No Comment

The World Needs Love…I Mean it!…[click to Listen]
We need love to set up free
To strenghtened us when we are weak
Cause I know love can bring us Peace
Love can make all wars to cease
The world needs …

The Dumbest Shit I have heard in Years!

January 15, 2004 – 9:05 am | No Comment

Is it just me or are we just one damn stupid and arrogant country? Woke up this morning to the news that the president is thinking about spending billions to put man back on …

Protected: Tracking Along – Still Neutral!

January 14, 2004 – 10:19 am | Enter your password to view comments.

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Neutral Day

January 13, 2004 – 7:46 am | No Comment

Not really an up day or fully a down day – meeting this morn was fine – no major bufaw…pretty tired tho. Need to go get some rest. Have to workout later too.
Oh …

Workout Day 4 (Pitifull!)

January 12, 2004 – 6:36 am | No Comment

This is really sad. I really hosing myself by not spread out the pain…
Year’s Running Challenge:
[Running Target: 1000 miles] | [Completed: 3.85miles] | [To go: 996.15 mi]
Year’s Push Up Challenge:

Protected: Upside Feeling

January 12, 2004 – 6:25 am | Enter your password to view comments.

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

So Jazzed!

January 11, 2004 – 4:59 am | No Comment

I feel so jazzed up today…. I really feel pretty luck to be me today. Everything will be aaaaight after all. Just wanted to tell ma diary that.

What's your Political Twist Dude?

January 10, 2004 – 6:27 pm | No Comment

Being a cynic at heart, I really don’t Profess any one Particular Preference for any Political Party over the other. I have voted for both parties in the past, but in general I have …

Financial Milestone

January 9, 2004 – 1:44 am | No Comment

At the rate at which this economy is moving – jeez…..it is really scary. I feel like we are about to hit a bubble again, if not in one. With all the people …

Life Gives You What You Give it

January 8, 2004 – 7:18 pm | No Comment

A son and his father were walking on the mountains. Suddenly, the son falls, hurts himself and screams: “AAAhhhhhhhhhhh!!!”
To his surprise, he hears the voice repeating, somewhere in the mountain: “AAAhhhhhhhhhhh!!!”
Curious, he yells: “Who are …

Just Plain Busy

January 8, 2004 – 2:29 am | No Comment

Read this line the other day; it just had me cracking up thinking about it. This guys was giving some friends a reason why he wasn’t able to do something because he was …

Coming Back to Center

January 7, 2004 – 9:12 am | No Comment

Didn’t write anything yesterday, just used the entire past day and a half to clear my head. I was so torqued the other day when I got in, I just want to fly away….to a peaceful place. Well, that the reason for this blog right.

I really have to push myself to use my words a bit more. This will soon come to pass, but when you are in the thick of it..it is really not fun. Then again – walking thru the valley of the shadows never is fun for anyone.

I am considering changing from b2 over to Wordpress. In fact I am pretty sure I am going to do it. It is just a matter of getting the theme to my liking.

I am really starting to like the simplicity of this mode of communication. After dealing with the complexities of Nuke and PostNuke for all these years, I think most folks are coming back to a simplier time. I think this is it. I for one am impressed thus far. Just a bit torn if I want to open it up to anyone tho. But what’s the use….if you just keep it to your self anyway.

Protected: Miffed Off!

January 5, 2004 – 7:26 am | Enter your password to view comments.

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Workout Day 3 Only!

January 4, 2004 – 2:46 pm | No Comment

Still haven’t gotten a good workout. Will have to pump hard over the next 3 days…
Year’s Running Challenge [Running Target: 1000 miles] | [Completed: 000] | [To go: 1,000 mi] ————————————————————————————————————
Year’s Push …

Another Day in Paradise – Day 91

January 4, 2004 – 5:41 am | No Comment

Yeah: Day 2 of 3 on Nights – kinda sucks, but kinda cool in a bizzare way.
Much better day – can’t believe how funny this game sometimes get. I probably won’t punch good on …

Workout Day…Arrgh!

January 3, 2004 – 2:28 pm | No Comment

Pretty hard to get a good workout in with only 4 hours of sleep.
Year’s Running Challenge [Running Target: 1000 miles] | [Completed: 000] | [To go: 1,000 mi] ————————————————————————————————————
Year’s Push Up Challenge [Pushup …

Damn Subordinates!

January 3, 2004 – 7:30 am | No Comment

Just got in from a 14 hour day. Pretty intense. Had an overall good day, but one big negative. Crap! that really tweaks my annoyance meter some. I am not one …

Missed Workout!

January 2, 2004 – 7:52 am | No Comment

Not a very good sign – missed my workout yesterday and today. Will have to make up 6 miles, 50 pushup and 100 situps so far. Com’on Get in Gear!
Year’s Running …

On Being Where I am

January 1, 2004 – 1:37 am | No Comment

While the frontline is no place where one wants to be, I totally understand the importance of being here. One can’t totally blame the present, as a true undersanding of historical context puts it …

Title: Think for a Change

December 19, 2003 – 11:06 pm | No Comment

Author: John C. Maxwell
Date: 19-Dec-03
At the heart of John C. Maxwell’s brilliant and inspiring program is a simple premise: To do well in life, we must first think well. But can we actually …

Title: Speak Up With Confidence

December 12, 2003 – 12:50 pm | No Comment

Author: Jack Valenti
Date: 12-Dec-03
Public speaking is one of the most intimidating and important aspects of many jobs. As a one-time speechwriter for President Johnson, and current president of the Motion Picture Association of …

Title: Intelligence in War

November 22, 2003 – 11:11 pm | No Comment

Author: John Keegan
Date: 22-Nov-03
In fiction, the spy is a glamorous figure whose secrets make or break peace, but, historically, has intelligence really been a vital step to military victories? In this breakthrough study, …

Title: Sleeping with the Devil

November 22, 2003 – 1:29 am | No Comment

In an effort to understand the underpinings of the current wave of anti-American/Westernism currently unleashed around the world by so called forces of terrorism, I set out on a study of the history of such …

Title: 7 Steps to Fearless Speaking

October 23, 2003 – 12:49 pm | No Comment

Author: Lilyan Wilder
Date: 23-Oct-03
Lilyan Wilder is a communications expert who has worked with the world’s most notable public figures, broadcast correspondents at ABC, CBS, NBC, and CNN, and many Fortune 500 companies. Her …

Title: Getting Things Done

October 23, 2003 – 12:46 pm | No Comment

Author: David Allen
Date: 23-Oct-03
In today’s world of exponentially increased communication and responsibility, yesterday’s methods for staying on top just don’t work. Veteran management consultant and trainer David Allen recognizes that “time management” is …

Title: Hatred's Kingdom

September 21, 2003 – 11:14 pm | No Comment

Author: Dore Gold
Date: 21-Sep-03
From New York City to Bali, Indonesia, ideologically motivated terrorist groups have chillingly demonstrated their global reach. And terrorism is now far more lethal than before.
But what is causing it? …

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