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2016 – Body at War 2

Getting past first steady workout for the year was quite the task.  Now, I just need to settle into it and keep this going.  Never again will I take off 3 months if I have anything to do with it.  It was like my body just shut down and getting it to move was a literally a pain in the arse.  At any rate, I am feeling much better now, so I am gonna keep the preliminary 25s for the core and strength portion as last time.  It makes DareBee a bit harder and longer, but I feel my fitness level ticking up with it.  I still need to code this set up, but just swamped with everything right now.  I will get to it though.

Summary:  Took a couple days off between phase 1 and now back on the grind.  Body really feels good, but I know I will be sore tomorrow.  Did pull ups for the first time in a long time due to pinched nerve will go pretty slow.

Summary:  Lots of pushups for this sequence, as I chose to dbl on DB.  Body is definitely getting stronger.  Getting more able to push through the P25s more quickly to get the blood moving; climbers were just too much.

Summary:  I think I did pretty well on this circuit.  Totally destroyed my elbows but really had no big hiccups getting through the entire thing.  Really need to work on the cardio – in keeping interest through the whole 60 mins.

DAY 13
Summary:  Pretty refreshing to have a flexibility day.  Liked the workout today, not too stressful, but enuff of a burn to make it matter.  The up and down nature of this regime is pretty good; keeps you on your toes.

DAY 17
Summary:  Weird thing today working the elliptical; heart rate kept elevated through entire cardio period – will watch.  Got a bit of road work into day; felt pretty good.  Burned roughly 1700 cal, another good day.

DAY 21
Summary:  Tough one today; not sure if it was the heat, but I felt particularly stressed.  Don’t think DB was particularly hard, but I may have under-estimated. Folded DB into cardio to cut workout time.

DAY 25
Summary:  Hot as hell but working it.  Body feeling good – a bit achy after day off, but once I got moving, aches went away.  All road today; no machine work in a while, good getting used to road again.

DAY 30
Summary:  Day final for this phase.  Took me a little while to get here, but I finished.  I did every single rep of every exercise.  Probably did blaze thru as I used to but I did it.  Now on to the next phase.

Summary:  Had to skip yesterday because my OCD set in and I could not get away from trying to figure out a more efficient way of uploading my data.  Anyway, Day 2 of MILFIT and it is tough.  Tomorrow will be pretty hard too.

Summary:  Abs focus today on DB, felt pretty good – think I have pretty strong abs no worries.  I will need to  focus my planks more tho.  Sitting twists literally kicked my as$ – tough after sit-ups, but everything else went well.

DAY 10
Summary:  Really tough getting my workout in today due to fam obli.  Did a bit of road work today and damn it was a balls buster.  Really need to start working that into my daily routine some; will have to drop a bit tough.

DAY 14
Summary:  Another relatively easy day, I am starting to get nervous now because I think there might be a big one around the corner.  At any rate, totally enjoyed it.  Went a bit easy on the elliptical – only did 30min.

DAY 18
Summary:  Relatively ok workout today. DB was moderately challenging and I had a pretty okay 30 min loop around the block.  It started sprinkling, then stopped and became really warm; will do again tomorrow.

DAY 22
Summary:  Got to workout with Chy today – pretty cool.  Also got some road-work in as well – about 1.25mi backup with a bit on the treadmill.  Starting to get back used to the road runs.  Body feeling good.

DAY 26
Summary:  So an 8-day rest due to a welcome trip with family and for Mark’s send off.  Felt like I was getting huge again, but after a solid workout today, I was right back down.  Will now end very strong.

Summary:  Tough but pretty rewarding feeling coming out of today’s workout.  Unlike the last phase, this is about strength and I can feel that I have lost a bit.  Feel as though if I push through I will regain; missing a little – not much.

Summary:  Pretty good workout today.  Had a bit of chaffing from run last night, but hit the elliptical today and suffered no ill-effects.  Mixed the P25s into DB and it seemed to workout fine.  Generally feel I am getting there.

DAY 11
Summary:  Good  workout today.  Switched to the elliptical and pushed for 60 min.  Pretty close to dropping 14lbs in the last 60 days.  It’s really a trip, a couple years ago, I could do this in weeks, now it is taking longer.

DAY 15
Summary:  Not bad workout at all.  A bit tougher than the last couple of days, but still a little easier than the norm.  The cardio run is starting to become a bit stale.  I have to figure out a way to kick thing up a notch.

DAY 19
Summary:  Today was definitely a bit ratcheted up.  Really struggled with the plank walkouts.  I was  also able to get in some road work today as well.  Body is really flexing to the new routine and I am luvin it.

DAY 23
Summary:  Pretty good workout today; Rocking some Christina Bionic and continuing my roadwork – get back into the way.  Also taking more breaks between workouts to allow better healing of body.

DAY 27
Summary:  Pretty short and intense 45 min workout today.  Felt really compact and good.  Quick run, did my pre-30s and got my DareBee in.  Tomorrow  will have to double  up to get in by month end.

Summary:  Making steady progress.  Body feels the effect of these tough DareBee workouts, but I am hanging in there.  Getting some good time in on the elliptical, will mix it up next stretch on the treadmill and soon on the road.

Summary:  A bit tough to keep doing the clapping pushup every 10 seconds and getting back in rhythm for the exercises. I ended up doing 3 CHPs and then just do the exercises.  Still the circuit was an ass kick. O’boy!

DAY 12
Summary:  Really had to push through this.  Not that I was tired, but I am losing a bit of the umph now.  Took a stroll around the block, but not fit enough to make a real difference.  Will probably work road in early mornings.

DAY 16
Summary:  Oh yeah – pretty long workout today 135 mins and hit the 180lbs mark.  Still pushing thru the cardio on the treadmill with more climbs for variety; somewhat of a task.  Started a bit of roadwork tho.

DAY 20
Summary:  Last couple days my body has just felt rundown.  I think I know what is going on.  I am not getting enough sleep.  Mark is almost on his way up to Ithaca so we’ll only have Chey.  Hope things get better.

DAY 24
Summary:  100s today really felt as an awesome accomplishment. Roadwork continues, I can probably leave it out now since it’s now a part of my new normal.  A bit challenging, the push is good tho.

DAY 28/29
Summary:  Intense double up work out today trying to close out before the end.  Felt a bit drained after day 28th session, but surprisingly strong after the 29th.  Feeling really good about this journey.

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