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My Bucket List

Places I want to go

  • Visit the Holy Land - Jerusalem 03/04/2016
  • Attend a World Cup Soccer Match (Italy vs Spain) - Foxboro Stadium, Boston - The Baggios scored 09/07/1994
  • Take a trip across Europe with my Family.
  • Take a trip to two countries in Africa with my female unit
  • Visit both Houses of Congress to see how they works.
  • Take a trip to Italy with my female unit

Things I want to do

  • Have my portrait painted.
  • Go deep sea fishing and eat my catch.
  • Create my Family Tree. 01/01/2004
  • Attend a really cool RnB concert. 03/04/2016
  • Look into my children’s eyes, see myself and smile.
  • Fart in a crowded space. 03/04/2016
  • Run a marathon.
  • Create my own web site. 01/01/1997
  • Give to a charity anonymously.
  • Watch the launch of the space shuttle.
  • Spend a whole day eating junk food without feeling guilty.
  • Tell someone the story of my life, sparing no details.
  • Brew my own beer.
  • Give my earth mother a red rose and tell her I love her.
  • Take a vacation on a cruise liner
  • Send a message in a bottle.
  • Plant a tree- (planted a few head of sugar cane) Might update this tho 15/03/2016
  • Take my son to the land of my birth
  • Take my daughter to the land of my birth
  • Be the boss. 03/04/2016
  • Fall deeply in love helplessly and unconditionally.
  • Ride the Trans-Siberian Express across Asia with my son.
  • Sit on a jury. 03/04/2016
  • Write a book
  • Be someone's mentor.
  • Shower in a waterfall. 03/04/2016
  • Learn to play a musical instrument with some degree of skill.
  • Teach someone illiterate to read
  • Fly on an Airbus
  • Write my mission statement, follow it, and revise it over time.
  • See a lunar eclipse.
  • Spend New Year's in an exotic location.
  • Drive across America from coast to coast with my family.
  • Write my will.
  • Sleep under the stars.
  • Spend a whole day reading a great novel.
  • Write a letter to Cecile Ferguson (mom 2)
  • Write a letter to Sephlyn (mom 1)
  • Write a letter to Roy (father)
  • Spend Christmas on the beach drinking pina coladas.
  • Donate money and put my name on something: park bench, walkways...
  • Grow a garden.
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