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2017 – Body at Peace 2 – Power Cardio

It took me a while to get past my first phase due to getting deluged by a whole bunch of issue at the end of the first week in February.  Since then I have been behind the ball.  Don’t get me wrong – I try to get in my workouts, but it has been hard.  At any rate, for this phase, I have decided to Power Cardio – only one of the hardest program at Darbee.  I still haven’t inventoried the whole yet; I don’t know if I will.  I will probably just let the challenges come at me – that way my brain will just adjust and overcome the feeling of pain.  Trying keep the intensity under control but the game must go on – Let’s go babees!


DAY 4a [MAY 12] – Day 38 of 60
Distance: 8.56 + 4.59 = 13.15 (LA-OK Run: 287.07)
Cardio (Elliptical): 2.0 @ 18.23 min  (Ok run)
Daily Dares : 60 Sec Chest Squeeze 
Summary: Pretty tough workout for the main exercise – power pushups, burpees, jump knee tuck, hop squats and lots of punches.  This boxer series is actually pretty touch – mostly full body workout.  I am able to work some of the regular pre’s into it, but generally not too many.  Went on a easy walk around the block twice to warm up the muscle and then a 2mi on the elliptical at an easy pace.  Overall, added another 4.59mi to my total on my way to OKC via Benton. Loving it…babee…Ciao!


DAY 3a [MAY 11] – Day 37 of 60
Distance: 5.61 + 2.95 = 8.56 (LA-OK Run: 282.48)
Cardio (Elliptical): 2.0 @ 15.40 min  (Excellent run)
Daily Dares : 60 Sec Squat Hold
Summary: Great workout, pretty heavy on the legs; lots of hopping.  Ran through my pre’s with no issues and then my run.  I did the DD earlier which freed me up quite a bit – very short workout – about 45 min max.  Ran a pretty fast 2miler and  due to much moving around, I had a total of 2.95 mi added to my total on my way to OKC via Benton. Getting it done…babee…Ciao!


DAY 2a [MAY 10] – Day 36 of 60
Distance: 2.47 + 3.14 = 5.61 (LA-OK Run: 279.63)
Cardio (Elliptical): 2.0 @ 16.36 min  (Good  run)
Daily Dares : 40 Knee to Elbow Crunch
Summary: Really do not feel like I have moved on.  I need to update and change my log.  I think I will call this phase break – maybe.  That sound kinda weird, but I think I need to work this in some how.  So far I like it.  It is up there in intensity with Power Cardio.  And since I am sticking to level 1, the body is at peace.  Today was a lot of high knees, squats, punches and plank.  It was generally a full body workout.  Did get to fold some of the movements form pre’s, so that helped.  DD was very easy, now that I have completed 2 of the hards program.  I did a medium run for 2mi today, but had a total of 3.14 overall on my way to OKC via Benton.  Awesome…babee…Ciao!


DAY 1a [MAY 09] – Day 35 of 60
Distance: 0.00 + 2.47 = 2.47 (LA-OK Run: 276.39)
Cardio (Elliptical): 2.0 @ 15.23 min  (more brilliant run)
Daily Dares : 40 Bridge Taps
Summary: Now I am on to the next phase, so I am doing a 1 week challenge – namely the Boxing Week.  Once I get through this week then I will might do another weekly challenge or move on to another program.  For right now, I am just keeping active and getting caught up.  I feel fit, I just got over a pretty bad flu in record time and now I am ready to go again.  Last night was all about pushup punches and jump rope.  No issues on the pre’s and added 2.47mi on my  way to OKC via Benton.  In between space babee…Ciao!


DAY 30 [MAY 08] – Day 34 of 60
Distance: 87.83. + 2.15 = 89.98 (LA-OK Run: 273.92)
Cardio (Elliptical): 2.0 @ 15.55 min  (brilliant run)
Daily Dares50 Heel Taps
Summary: First time ever complete and entire workout series without a break and it feels so so good.  I feel as if I stop, something bad will happen.  I feel great about it although I am still dealing with what I hope are the remnants of the flu.  I felt like it broke last night, but I will have to see.  I still feel a bit blah, but you can never tell.  At any rate, today wasn’t about jumping around, it was planking it all day.  No issues with pre’s and the DD was heel taps.  Although these bad boys look kind of simple, they are not.  Also, today, I ran the fast 2mi I have done in a while and it felt easy.  In total today I added 2.15mi on my way to OKC via Benton.  I am making lemonade babee…Ciao!


DAY 29 [MAY 07] – Day 33 of 60
Distance: 83.50. + 2.33 = 87.83 (LA-OK Run: 271.77)
Cardio (Elliptical): 2.0 @ 20.42 min  (good run)
Daily Dares60 Climbers
Summary: Tougher still.  I am in full blown flu status.  I am weak, stuffy and generally miserable.  That notwithstanding, I put in an albeit moderated workout.  Don’t get me wrong, all my movements were there, but I ratcheted down the  the intensity some.  Lots of high knees, climbers and lunges.  It was a bit painful.  I couldn’t push that much on the elliptical, just managed 2mi in just under 21mins. Overall, though, I was able to add 2.33mi to my total on my way to OKC via Benton.  It is tough, but I am going.  When the going…Ciao!


DAY 28 [MAY 06] – Day 32 of 60
Distance: 83.50. + 2.00 = 85.50 (LA-OK Run: 269.44)
Cardio (Elliptical): 2.0 @ 17.27 min  (good run)
Daily Dares30 Back Extensions
Summary: Well, my little feeling of being under the weather yesterday turnout to be full blown cold today with the attendant sinus stuffiness and all.  I am decided on keeping my workout streak no-matter-what.  Today was all about jump squats – 120 of them.  It took a little effort, but at 12per set, I was able to run through them.  The regular pre’s, I have somewhat become accustomed to, but as a warm up, they came in handy.  The DD today were back extensions; I had no issues with those.  Now the cardio today was tricky, I didn’t want to push too hard, being that my body is busy fighting a cold – make little sense to add to the woes.  I held to 2mi hard, so that is how much I have add on my way to OKC via Benton.  When the going gets tough, that’s when the tough gets going…Ciao!


DAY 27 [MAY 05] – Day 31 of 60
Distance: 80.81. + 2.69 = 83.50 (LA-OK Run: 267.44)
Cardio (Road): 2.0 @ 16.51 min  (good run)
Daily Dares60 Sec Chest Expansions
Summary: Felt a bit under the weather today and had probably one of the hardest workouts in this series.  I feel like I am coming down with a cold; I have taken some vitamin C, so hopefully that will help a bit.  today’s name of the game was burpee galore.  Each sequence required 60, needless to say, it pushed me to the hilt.  Pushed through the pre’s – the  DD was relatively easy, but a good warmup for any workout.  In addition to a quick second half 2miler, I was able to cobble together 2.69 miles today on my way to OKC via Benton.  Always getting it done…Ciao!


DAY 26 [MAY 04] – Day 30 of 30
Distance: 78.15. + 2.66 = 80.81 (LA-OK Run: 264.75)
Cardio (Road): 2.0 @ 19.20 min  (nice run)
Daily Dares20 Fly Steps
Summary: Well, today was not too bad.  Power went out which made it a bit challenging to complete everything as expeditiously as possible but no issues.  Did a 2miler on the road.  Today was generally abs; I tell you what – them V-ups are no joke.  Good day to fold much of the main exercise into my pre’s and get it done.  The DD was different, I have never done Fly Steps before, but I rather enjoyed them quite a bit.  Overall, I added another 2.66mi on my way to OKC via Benton.  Getting it done…Ciao!


DAY 25 [MAY 03] – Day 29 of 30
Distance: 74.90. + 3.25 = 78.15 (LA-OK Run: 262.09)
Cardio (Treadmill): 2.0 @ 16.18 min  (nice run)
Daily Dares40 Raised Leg Circles
Summary: Slightly challenging but quick.  Today was mainly high knees, butt kicks and mountain climbers.  I am winding down on the home stretch now, but don’t want to get ahead of myself.  No issues with pre’s and the Raised Circles were pretty good surrogate for situps/curlups.  Did a 2miler at 6.5; a bit challenging, but felt accomplished in pushing myself this early in the season for a 2miles.  Completed a total of 3.25mi on my way to OKC via Benton.  Continuing to lean forward – yes. Ciao!


DAY 24 [MAY 02] – Day 28 of 30
Distance: 72.02. + 2.88 = 74.90 (LA-OK Run: 258.84)
Cardio (Treadmill): 2.0 @ 16.43 min  (pretty good run)
Daily Dares40 W Extensions
Summary: Sort of a tough rest day – had to do 50 Burpees.  No worries though – compensated for pushups and squats in my pre’s.  Had no problems with pre’s.  DD was a bute and had a press run of the mill, level 5.5 – 2miler.  Overall, added 2.88 mi on my way to OKC via Benton.  Continuing to lean forward. Ciao!


DAY 23 [MAY 01] – Day 27 of 30
Distance: 68.62. + 3.40 = 72.02 (LA-OK Run: 255.96)
Cardio (Treadmill): 2.0 @ 16.54 min  (pretty good run)
Daily Dares2min One Arm Plank
Summary: Nice workout today.  Nothing too flashy – just making the donuts.  Mostly jumping jacks, jump lunges and squats.  This program has really done a great job in improving my fitness, I am able to get through a set with very little limitation.  Now, don’t get me wrong, they are challenging, but I am getting through them.  Now issues with pre’s, nice run – tacked on 2mi on the treadmill, with an over total of 3.40mi added to my journey on my way to OKC via Benton.  Leaning forward a little more still. Ciao!


DAY 22 [APR 30] – Day 26 of 30
Distance: 65.78. + 2.84 = 68.62 (LA-OK Run: 252.56)
Cardio (Treadmill): 2.0 @ 16.13 min  (pretty good run)
Daily Dares30 Jump Squats
Summary: Really loved this abs workout.  It was quite focus and well thought out.  I am really stuck on DareBee.  This something that is free and compelling.  I was able to push through pre’s and with DD being jump squats, it was off the chain.  I hit level 7.0 for for about 3/4mi to get a good run on the treadmill and a nice 2mi.  Overall mileage for the was 2.84 on my way to OKC via Benton.  Leaning forward a little more. Ciao!


DAY 21 [APR 29] – Day 25 of 30
Distance: 62.89. + 2.89 = 65.78 (LA-OK Run: 249.72)
Cardio (Treadmill): 2.0 @ 16.35 min  (pretty good run again)
Daily Dares40 Full Bridges
Summary: Felt pretty good about my fitness level at this point. Ran through this with a light sweat.  I am pretty sure I could bust out a level 2 or even 1, if I wanted to put more time in.  I had to go get Cheyenne, so it cut into time.  No worries though, I was able to get the job done.  Push through pre’s, ran a pretty good 2mi (Level 6-7) with a total mileage for the day of 2.89 on my way to OKC via Benton.  Leaning forward. Ciao!


DAY 20 [APR 28] – Day 24 of 30
Distance: 60.89. + 2.0 = 62.89 (LA-OK Run: 246.83)
Cardio (Treadmill): 2.0 @ 16.38 min  (pretty good run again)
Daily Dares30 Deadlifts
Summary: Late Entry – totally sucked it away by not logging my workout.  No worries, I am getting it done nonetheless.  Kind of a rest day of sorts – did  300 mountain climbers and honestly, I enjoyed it.  Folded it into my pre’s and knocked it out.  I put on my watch late, so I literally logged only 2.0 mi on my run today, as I journey on my way to OKC via Benton.  Keep it moving. Ciao!


DAY 19 [APR 27] – Day 23 of 30
Distance: 58.27. + 2.62 = 60.89 (LA-OK Run: 244.83)
Cardio (Treadmill): 2.0 @ 17.01 min  (pretty good run again)
Daily Dares60 Sec Boat Pose Hold
Summary: Felt really good today.  The routine was challenging, but I honestly felt in control, I was pushed, but that is what working out is supposed to do.  Why do out there and pussyfoot around.  No issues with pre’s and the regular routine – today the focus was full body with full burpees and jump squats, etc.  I hit the elliptical for 2mi but overall I added 2.62 mi today on my way to OKC via Benton.  Tomorrow again. Ciao!


DAY 18 [APR 26] – Day 22 of 30
Distance: 54.68. + 3.59 = 58.27 (LA-OK Run: 242.41)
Cardio (Treadmill): 2.0 @ 16.59 min  (pretty good run again)
Daily Dares10 Clapping PushUps
Summary: Running out of beginning for this piece, but guess what, I am not running out of repeating myself.  I am really having a good time adding every single word here.  At any rate, good day today.  Really challenging piece on the abs today, but worth the journey, now that I am putting this in several hours later.  I workout abs pretty much everyday, but this really put a burn on me.  It was a real relief to see the DD: I love pushups so that was cool.  Knocked out my pre’s pushed 2.0 miles on the treadmill.  Overall added 3.59mi today on my way to OKC via Benton.  Keeping it going – back tomorrow. Ciao!


DAY 17 [APR 25] – Day 21 of 30
Distance: 51.84. + 2.84 = 54.68 (LA-OK Run: 238.62)
Cardio (Treadmill): 2.0 @ 16.42 min  (pretty good run again)
Daily Dares50 Reverse Lunges
Summary: Good and quick; no issues at all today.  Today was the first time I actually push through in the true spirit of the exercise.  I did not slow down too much and push to keep pace.  No issues with pre’s and went straight into the main exercise.  Actually, I did reverse lunges too to start things off.  And finished off with a 2mi on the treadmill.  Overall, though, I added 2.84 mi overall on my way to OKC via Benton.  Good workout; will be back for more tomorrow. Ciao!


DAY 16 [APR 24] – Day 20 of 30
Distance: 49.44. + 2.4 = 51.84 (LA-OK Run: 235.78)
Cardio (Treadmill): 2.0 @ 16.57 min  (pretty good run again)
Daily Dares50 Raised Leg Crunches
Summary: One dimension workout today – 120 Basic Burpee with a jump.  It was a bit tough, but since I could break it up, it wasn’t too back.  I pushed through my pre’s with no issues and worked them in with my main exercise.  The Daily Dare was really tough – got to 40 and I was totally through.  At any rate, good workout – I even managed to notch 2.4mi on  my way to OKC via Benton.  I feeling good no serious pain or injury thus far, keeping fingers cross.  See you tomorrow. Ciao!


DAY 15 [APR 23] – Day 19 of 30
Distance: 46.82. + 2.62 = 49.44 (LA-OK Run: 233.38)
Cardio (Treadmill): 2.0 @ 16.21 min  (pretty good run again)
Daily Dares100 Side Leg Raises
Summary: All around tough workout day.  Pushed through the pre’s and DD, but the main exercise group was pretty challenging.  I do feel areas that I am missing a step – years ago some of these would not be an issue, but now, although I am above average fitness, I find it still pretty challenging.  Today’s exercise is called – Power Burn.  It is a fully-body set that included punches, jump squats, pushups and plank walkouts.  I only managed 3 sets, but the more enterprising among us should be able to go for 5 -7 sets.  At any rate, I did my 3 and additionally added 2.62mi on my way to OKC via Benton.  I did not start the weekly challenge – Power Burn was more than enough – besides, I am in the second half of this 30 day workout, so I anticipate it’s gonna go rachet.  Back for more tomorrow. Ciao!


DAY 14 [APR 22] – Day 18 of 30
Distance: 44.82. + 2.00 = 46.82 (LA-OK Run: 230.76)
Cardio (Elliptical): 2.0 @ 18.18 min  (pretty ok run again)
Daily Dares100 Palm Strikes
Summary: Another great workout day.  Today was abs days with a focus on planking.  It wasn’t a hard day, but I realize that although I have to work plan into my regime, I am really not a fan.  No worries on my pre’s and I only go in 2miles today on my way to OKC via Benton.  Up to the 11th hours (sort of) – still considering the weekly challenge.   Ciao!


DAY 13 [APR 21] – Day 17 of 30
Distance: 41.92. + 2.90 = 44.82 (LA-OK Run: 228.76)
Cardio (Elliptical): 2.0 @ 18.08 min  (pretty ok run again)
Daily Dares40 Reverse Plank Leg Raises
Summary: Pretty good workout.  No real issues.  I am kinda getting a feel for Power Cardio.  But then again I am working at level 1.  I could pump it up to level 3 but it will consume too much time.  I like the time I getting in right now.  I think it is productive and efficient.  No issues with pre’s, but today the DD was Reverse Plank Leg Raises and they were really a beast.  I don’t think I fully got them right, but I completed the challenge.  Additionally, I completed 2.90mi on my way to OKC via Benton.  Still considering the weekly challenge start – maybe sunday.   Ciao!


DAY 12 [APR 20] – Day 16 of 30
Distance: 37.13. + 4.79 = 41.92 (LA-OK Run: 225.86)
Cardio (Elliptical): 2.0 @ 18.16 min  (pretty ok run again)
Daily Dares40 Swallows
Summary: Pushing on through.  Today was sort of a rest day, even though there is no such thing with Power Cardio.  Did 100 jump squats – yeah it got me a bit winded, but it did not hurt as it used to.  I think my body has somewhat acclimated.  Push through my pre’s, ran a 2 miler on the elliptical and racked up a total of 4.79 miles today on my way to OKC via Benton.  I did not start the weekly challenge I spoke of yesterday – I am still on my “straight days of working out” though.  I might start it on Sunday.  Ciao!


DAY 11 [APR 19] – Day 15 of 15
Distance: 34.13. + 3.00 = 37.13 (LA-OK Run: 221.07)
Cardio (Elliptical): 2.0 @ 18.08 min  (pretty ok run)
Daily Dares50 Knee in Twists
Summary: Pretty good day; made doubly special because this is my 15th straight day of workout – a milestone I am very proud of.  The main focus was legs with lots of lunges, high knees, pushups and mountain climbers – really a good regimen.  It was especially great because a large part of this I could fold into my regular daily from my pre’s.  DD was relatively easy, but my form started breaking down, so I am not sure I can say it was really easy with a clear conscience.  For some reason, I am not able to get my full mileage from Mio although I ran 2.0 on the elliptical, so I am gonna estimate 3.0 mi covered today on my way to OKC via Benton. Tomorrow I might start a weekly challenge – today I celebrate my 15th workout in a row. Ciao!


DAY 10 [APR 18] – Day 14 of 15
Distance: 30.55. + 3.58 = 34.13 (LA-OK Run: 218.07)
Cardio (Elliptical): 2.0 @ 17.30 min  (pretty ok run)
Daily Dares30 Jump Knee Tucks
Summary: Not too bad.  I am little pissed because I am writing this after I missed my download from Fuse.  At any rate, to day was all abs.  Went pretty well, worked my pre’s in and completed approximately 3 miles on my to OKC via Benton. Tomorrow will be 15th straight day of working out. Looking forward to celebrate it. Ciao!


DAY 9 [APR 17] – Day 13 of 15
Distance: 26.66. + 3.89 = 30.55 (LA-OK Run: 214.49)
Cardio (Treadmill): 2.0 @ 15.59 min  (pretty good run)
Daily Dares20 Sky Diver Push Ups
Summary: Body did well – no real aches; have a slight one in my left toe, but generally I feel good. Worked on a jump lunges, high knees and jumping jacks.  Went through my pre’s with no issues.  Got  a pretty burn but I think I am gonna up my pre’s to 30.  DD today was wild – Sky Diver Pushups.  I have never done them before, but that is precisely why I love DareBee.  I also notched another 3.89mi to my total on my way to OKC via Benton. Closing in on 15 straight day of working out…oooh la laaaah – Ciao!


DAY 8 [APR 16] – Day 12 of 15
Distance: 24.39. + 2.27 = 26.66 (LA-OK Run: 210.60)
Cardio (Elliptical): 2.0 @ 17.23 min  (more than a jog again – completed 2.00)
Daily Dares60 Squat Step Ups
Summary: Nice workout today.  Only had to do one movement – although it was 200 mountain climbers. Was able to fold in mountain climbers into regular pre’s and added the squat step ups made today’s workout pretty streamlined.  Added a quick treadmill 2-miler today along with  all around 2.27 mi on my way to OKC via Benton. Working it – Ciao!


DAY 7 [APR 15] – Day 11 of 15
Distance: 20.68. + 3.71 = 24.39 (LA-OK Run: 208.33)
Cardio (Elliptical): 2.0 @ 17 min  (more than a jog again – completed 2.00)
Daily Dares100 Crunches
Summary: Really tough but good workout today.  Basic burpees, squats, pushups and punches.  Oh yeah – did it all.  Body really feels push but accomplished.  Folded pushups and squats in from pre’s.  Had to slow it down a bit but generally had no ill feelings.  The DD had me doing 100 crunches – I was good until I got to 80 and then the abs started flaming out.  Added just under 3 and 3/4 miles on my way to OKC via Benton. It sure feels good – Ciao!


DAY 6 [APR 14] – Day 10 of 15
Distance: 18.78. + 1.90 = 20.68 (LA-OK Run: 204.62)
Cardio (Elliptical): 1.90 @ 10 min  (more than a jog – completed 1.00)
Daily Dares2 min Squat Hold Punches
Summary: Late workout – it was a pretty good one though. Worked abs chiefly – not sure what tomorrow brings.  Sailed through pre’s and got my ass kicked by the DD.  I was good up until I got to the last 30 sec and then my legs started screaming.  Keeping my workout steady tho.  Going for 15 straight days – only 5 more days to go.  I also added another 1.90mi to my total on my to OKC via Benton. Oh yeah…getting it done – Ciao!


DAY 5 [APR 13] – Day 9 of 15
Distance: 14.22. + 4.56 = 18.78 (LA-OK Run: 202.72)
Cardio (Elliptical): 2.00 @ 20.30min  (more than a jog – completed 2.00)
Daily Dares40 Glute Flex
Summary: Pretty intense workout. Feel pretty good – I am a bit more conscious of my body now since I am trying my best not to over extend and get injured.  It feels a bit weird – almost unnatural.  At any rate, today’s workout was intense but felt good nonetheless.  Press through pre’s without issues – in fact pre’s are a bit matter of fact.  I want to keep them that way no, as they get me warmed up.  I was able to share some of the movement between pre’s and the Power Cardio regimen, so that helped.  The DD today look easy, but it got my bum burning.  I was also able to 4.56mi on my to OKC via Benton. See you tomorrow. Ciao!


DAY 4 [APR 12] – Day 8 of 15
Distance: 9.94. + 4.28 = 14.22 (LA-OK Run: 198.16)
Cardio (Elliptical): 2.00 @ 19.30min  (still in jogging mode – completed 2.00)
Daily Dares : 100 Basic Burpees with Jump
Summary: The good workouts keep rolling.  Today was pretty tough though; the basic burpees with jump tapped me out, bearing in mind that I had to do my pre’s, 50 Alternate Arm Leg Raises, and then just over 4 and 1/4 mile on my to OKC via Benton. Ciao!


DAY 3 [APR 11] – Day 7 of 15
Distance: 5.68. + 4.26 = 9.94 (LA-OK Run: 193.88)
Cardio (Elliptical): 3.00 @ 28.30min  (still in jogging mode – completed 3.00)
Daily Dares : 5mins Raised Arms Hold
Summary: Another good workout today – really got taken away with the music today.  It really eased my path.  The current regimen is pretty tough, but I am feel prepared by my previous months.  Today was much dedicated to upperbody.  DD was pretty tough, especially when I got to the last 30secs, but I pushed through my pre’s without any issues.  My elliptical time is not that intense, but I think that is good.  Once I get the pump checked out then I can pick it up.  I notched just over  4 and 1/4 miles on my to OKC via Benton. Ciao!


DAY 2 [APR 10] – Day 6 of 15
Distance: 2.99. + 2.69 = 5.68 (LA-OK Run: 189.62)
Cardio (Elliptical): 2.00 @ 19.30min  (still in jogging mode – completed 2.69)
Daily Dares : 40 Side V-Ups
Summary: Continue to plug away at getting into phenomenal shape.  I feel pretty good about this year.  My body feels ok.  I am getting ready to get a once over and once I have that – hopefully there are no issues, then I will move right into getting in shape.  I will shred my slight fat around the mids and with cardio and proper eating.  Make sure I keep on top of the cholesterol with pills if necessary and just have fun.  Today, was a DB beast – it pushed my abs to the hilt.  I don’t get there much, but I did today.  At any rate, I was able to working in my pre’s so that was awesome and I covered 2.69 miles on my to OKC via Benton. Ciao!


DAY 1 [APR 9]
Distance: 0.00. + 2.99 = 2.99 (LA-OK Run: 186.93)
Cardio (Elliptical): 2.00 @ 20min  (still in jogging mode)
Daily Dares : 5 min Punches
Summary: Transitioned into Power Cardio.  I know this gonna be a bear – I can already feel it.  I am also going for a 15 straight day of workout.  I am gonna slow it down some; I really don’t want to get injured again.  I also do not want to up the intensity until I get my check up.  Today did the first workout.  It also included quite a bit from my pre’s.  I also covered 2.99 miles on my to OKC via Benton. Ciao!


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