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Who am I

I am a pretty simple guy who sees goodness in most.  Always in constant search for that which is beautiful, good and true…in some ways you could say that I am not contented with the surface; always looking for the deeper nature of things.

I believe in the power of my own actions, but I also believe in powers outside of myself.
I believe that love is the greatest emotion ever and hate is the worse.
I believe meaningful connection with people is essential for living a fullfilled life.
I don’t believe that death is the end and I don’t believe anyone knows what happens afterwards.

I don’t believe organized religion is the answer; instead, each has to find his/her own way.
I have very few hangups, save the fact that I am fiercely intolerant of tricksters aka bull-shiters.
I consider myself unselfish, always ready to help when I see the need.
I am also equally unforgiving of those who take advantage of the goodness of others.

I hate to waste time
I believe there is so much to learn, a function of having limited access as a child…so learning is my life’s passion.
Mathematics is my first love, but my passion goes well beyond that.
I read a great deal; I also enjoy Philosophy, Political-Military History, Computing/Technology and Contemporary World Affairs.

I am pretty guarded with my privacy, but I don’t mind sharing to help others.  I do have accounts on most Social networks, but I primarily use my blog here to reflect.