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2016 – Body at War 5 – Hero’s Journey Part II

Entering into Part II of Hero’s Journey for my 2016 phase 5, I really feel good about the way my body has held up to the daily push.  I am really enjoying the incorporation of weights into the regime.  This phase, for cardio, I will be climbing K2 (28,251 feet) in the Karakoram mountain range; the second highest mountain in the world after Everest.  I did Everest (29,029 feet) last year and it was a blast. I know it will throw off my historic pace number, but that’s ok.  I will be moving into pre-60’s this phase, as well as changing up/substituting for some of the exercises that hit the same areas.  I will keep intensity at the same level, as it appears that keeps down injuries.  So after a couple days off between phase, I am back on the journey babees!


Me-N-My Dragon

DAY 60 (Boss Fight) 
Game Play: I am polishing my armor and braiding my hair.  I am now ready.  I trained for this moment.  I charged ahead and conquered. 

Points Total: 16,450 + 1000 = 17,450
Elevation Gained: 37,726′ + 1596 = 39,322′  (139.19% completed  – Day 48).  MISSION ACCOMPLISHED on day 37 – Summited in 5 Weeks

Summary: Well  at long last here I am – a hero at the end of a long journey.   I have proven the Oracle wrong.  I have stood the test of time and I have met all my trials head on.  I feel invincible and strong and now I will take a bit of rest before heading on my way.  The “Boss Fight” had me doing jump squats and lunges again like last night and my thighs and hamstrings have be ringing out. At any rate, I push through and now it is all over.  I wasn’t gonna do my pre’s at first, but felt guilty.  I have not missed any, so I had to keep my streak going, so I worked them in.  It honestly was a bit hard, but I pushed through.  My final climb today was a bit subdued.  Unlike yesterday, my legs were so battered, I had to pull back from the steep incline.  Similar to yesterday, I did a 60 min climb to compensate for the two day climb missed earlier this week – (0-30: 4.0-5.0 @ 10 – 4.0deg and  30-60: 4.0-4.5 @ 12-4.0deg). So my final height completed is – 39,322 (11,071 feet over K2 and 10,293  over 29,029 feet Everest).  Now that is what I am talking about.

All and all this 60 day program was a really good workout, the intensity mix was right on point.  There were not too many struggles to stay on point.  DareBee is a really good system.  The variety is really good, I don’t have to do too much thinking – I just go out to the gym and get it done.  So on a scale of 1 -10, I would give this a 9.0.  And I only say 9.0 because I am still working my way through other programs, so I want to give myself some room in case I come across something better. That is it – the Hero depart – Caio!

Me-N-My Dragon

DAY 59 (Bodyguard Fight) 
Game Play: Strip the Boss of his protection

Points Total: 15,850 +  600 = 16,450
Elevation Gained: 34,702′ + 3024 = 37,726′  (133.54% completed  – Day 47).  MISSION ACCOMPLISHED on day 37 – Summited in 5 Weeks

Summary:  Long workout but as expected of the final days to a long journey.  I was able to complete level II; could have gone for level III but it was starting to push beyond how long I had set aside for workout.  No issues regarding pre’s, although I was able to work in some of the exercises into DareBee.  For DB I had pushups, shoulder taps, thigh taps, squats, side chops and jumping squats.  I also had to complete 400 sidekicks. Now I am looking forward to end this journey tomorrow.  I will get a good night sleep and attach the final stretch by mid-morning tomorrow.  For today’s climb, I doubled up on my time – instead of a 30min climb, I did a 60min climb – (0-30: 4.0-5.0 @ 12-13deg and  30-60: 4.0-4.5 @ 14-15deg). Over 6000 feet, now Everest (29,029 feet) is barely visible. Caio!

Me-N-My Dragon

DAY 58 (Supercharged) 
Game Play: I am unstoppable

Points Total: 15,450 +  400 = 15,850
Elevation Gained: 34,702′ + 000 = 34,702′  (122.83% completed  – Day 4X).  MISSION ACCOMPLISHED on day 37 – Summited in 5 Weeks

Summary:  Another interesting day.  Had to take the missus out for birthday dinner.  Push through only level 1 again and had to put off climb again.  I am not feeling too bad though.  I did meet my goal, but I am coming down to last 2 day of my journey and the challenges are long and especially challenging to get to level III.  Yesterday and today really worked the legs; I haven’t looked at tomorrow’s (Day 59) challenge as yet, but I think it will be just as intense.  I have one free day to play with, but I won’t take the chance.  I want to end at or before the end of the month, so I am gonna try to finished in the next 2 days.  Also had to break up my pre 60’s today a bit and worked in some of the DB as surrogates.  All in all a pretty good workout – I do feel a bit sore, will have to get some good rest tonight and get a satisfying and full workout tomorrow. Caio!


Weapon’s Practice

DAY 57 (Fight the Army) 
Game Play: Hand-to-Hand Combat

Points Total: 15,150 +  300 = 15,450
Elevation Gained: 34,702′ + 000 = 34,702′  (122.83% completed  – Day 44).  MISSION ACCOMPLISHED on day 37 – Summited in 5 Weeks

Summary:  Pretty interesting day.  Due to late workout, was not able to get my climb in today.  I will just have to double up tomorrow.  Also, today’s DareBee challenge was a weird one.  It wasn’t particularly hard, it was just time consuming and since I was rushing to beat the midnight clock, I was only able to complete through level 5.  I got my pre’s in, with no issues, just in the nick of time.  but called it a wrap.  I am supposed to be off tomorrow, but I will use it as a catch up day.  Only 3 more days to complete this challenge and I am super excited.  I will be back on my climb tomorrow.  Caio!

DAY 56 (The Awakening) 
Game Play: Hold each pose for 20 seconds and repeat the routine again focusing on the other side.

Points Total: 15,050 +  100 = 15,150
Elevation Gained: 33,082′ + 1620 = 34,702′  (122.83% completed  – Day 44).  MISSION ACCOMPLISHED on day 37 – Summited in 5 Weeks

Summary:  All about stretching.  Not at all tough cardio-wise, bit know for sure that I am not as limber as I probably need to be.  I was able to hold the poses sufficiently well, but by no means perfect.  I will need to not only practice, but my muscles are supremely taut.  I never got in my 10 minute meditation subquest (bad-rupe!) but I will complete non-the-less, and add my point at that time.  Blew through the pre’s with no issues – just mixed it up a bit.  Record climb today of 1620 feet in 30 mins (4.5-5.0 @ 13, 14, and 15deg). Now Everest (29,029 feet) is starting to disappear.  Caio!

DAY 55 (The Final Challenge “100”)  – Late Reporting
Game Play: A true hero never gives up.

Points Total: 14,950 +  100 = 15,050
Elevation Gained: 31,724′ + 1358 = 33,082′  (117.10% completed  – Day 42).  MISSION ACCOMPLISHED on day 37 – Summited in 5 Weeks

Summary:  Wrote up this workout a couple days ago but forgot to submit it. So from memory I essential remembered working throughout the day doing pushups, shoulder taps, climbers, sit ups, squats and lunges.   Generally a pretty good workout day, but misunderstood the level 3 requirement.  I had to doing all 100’s twice all at once, the all day option was just for level 1.  Just coming off my hamstring strain, that would probably be a bit much, but that’s alright.  No issues with pre’s and had a pretty good climb.   Added  1358 feet in 30 mins to my climb (worked generally between 4.0-5.0 and 11 – 15deg). I am now well beyond (29,029 feet).  Caio!


Weapon’s Practice

DAY 53 (The Final Test)
Game Play: My upper body strength will help me push through.

Points Total: 14,300 +  350 = 14,650
Elevation Gained: 28,954′ + 1358 = 30,312′  (107.30% completed  – Day 39).  MISSION ACCOMPLISHED on day 37 – Summited in 5 Weeks

Summary:  Good but tough workout.  This, as gameplay implies, was all upper body and while it look relatively easy, it was pretty challenging going into the final 4 or so sets.  At any rate, it was pretty cool because I rolled a few of the movements into my pre’s.  Today was also a day for wielding the hammers and that did get the heart rate up quite a bit too.  The hamstring is not doing too bad, I am keeping heat on it, but a slight discomfort has moved up to my lower back. It is quite possible that I am compensating, so I will just have to watch that.  I stretched it quite a bit afterward and that seemed to help – not sure why my muscles are getting so tight; could it be because they are get HUUGGEEE (smirk!).  Yeah, although I have completed the climb already, I probably just gonna keep going until this phase ends – might switch to something else…we’ll see.  So today I climbed 1358 feet in 30 mins (15: 4.0-5.0 @ 10deg; 15: 4.0 @ 15deg). This would take me well beyond Everest at (29,029 feet).  Caio!

DAY 52 (Balance)
Game Play: I must find my inner balance.

Points Total: 14,100 +  200 = 14,300
Elevation Gained: 27,490′ + 1464 = 28,954′  [102.49% completed – Day 37 on the Mountain) MISSION ACCOMPLISHED – Summited in 5 Weeks

Summary:  Horray! Completed summiting K2.  It was quite the climb, but well worth the journey.    In terms of game play, today was a fittingly peaceful event.  I did a few back stretches and a 10 min meditation session followed by my pre’s.  The hamstring and lower left back region feels a bit tight, but bearable – adding lots of heat and stretching to my regiment and I think it is working.   I climbed 1464 feet in 30 mins (0-10, 13deg@4.0, 10-20, 14deg@4.0, and 20-30, 15deg@4.0). Kicked it up a bit from yesterday; completing K2 mission.  Caio!

Me-N-My Dragon

DAY 51 (Final Transformation)
Game Play: Let the true hero be born inside.

Points Total: 13,600 +  500 = 14,100
Elevation Gained: 26,386′ + 1104 = 27,490′  [97.31% completed – Day 36 on the Mountain)

Summary:  Well, as you can see I missed a few days of working out and climbing. As indicated in previous post, I tweaked my left hamstring and after a could days of trying to force it back in compliance, it got the better of me.  At any rate, I pushed through today’s workout without too much discomfort. I was able to blend pre’s with regular DareBee.  I climbed 1104 feet in 30 mins (Generally 8-15 @ 4.0). Just taking easy.  Caio!

DAY 50 (Coordination and Conditioning)
Game Play: Put everything you know together

Points Total: 13,000 +  600 = 13,600
Elevation Gained: 25,076′ + 1310 = 26,386′  [93.40% completed – Day 31 on the Mountain)

Summary:  Well, today was a bit painful for the left hamstring.  It is starting to really bug me now.  Had a bit of massaging done to it, but the movement today for DareBee required actually pulling on them.  The massage did help at first, but I had to cut my set to 7 instead of 10.  No issues with pre’s, although I was still a bit tight in the chest from all the pushups from the day before.  I climbed 1310 feet in 30 mins (0-15min, 10-13 deg @ 4.0 and 15-30, 13-15deg @ 4.0-4.5). I did up the level to 4.5 until the final 5mins at 15deg.  Caio!

DAY 49 (Power Up)
Game Play: Go past your limit.  Know no boundaries

Points Total: 12,650 +  350 = 13,000
Elevation Gained: 23,676′ + 1400 = 25,076′  [88.76% completed – Day 30 on the Mountain)

Summary:  This is a late post – running into issues with connecting again to my Fuse.  I could throw this friggin thing out the door right now I am so pissed.  At any rate, this workout was all about upper body – pushups, punches and mixed in with bicep curls, bent-over rows and shoulder press.  Pre’s went well, still doing a bit of breaking out to lower intensity. Still having some issues with the left hamstring;  will have to take it easy on that.   I ascended 1400 feet (I think the actual number is slightly over that, but I missed properly recording it) in 30 mins (0-15min, 10-13 deg @ 4.0 and 15-30, 13-15deg @ 4.0-4.5).  Just keep moving.  Caio!

DAY 48 (Under the Stars)
Game Play: The final battle approaches.  Everyday counts now.

Points Total: 12,500 +  150 = 12,650
Elevation Gained: 22,146′ + 1530 = 23,676′  [83.81% completed – Day 28 on the Mountain)

Summary:   After what I did not think was such an intense day, a couple days ago (I did a whole bunch of squats) I ended up tweaking my left hamstring; and if that wasn’t enough, both my legs felt really sore. I ended up taking the day off, to give it a bit of rest before hitting the trail back today again.  I have done a whole bunch of regular squats, so I must be the sumo that did me in.  I think I will be paying them a little more visit in the future; gots to be careful tho, they a bit hard on the knees.  At any rate, I am closing in on my journey’s end.  Today was woking glutes and abs for DareBee.  Good – because I was able to working them in with pre’s quite nicely.  Also, today I broke my record in climbing – I ascended 1530 feet in 30 mins (0-20min, 15 deg @ 3.5-4.0 and 20-30, 15deg @ 4.0-4.5).  I must admit a 15deg incline is no joke, even going at 4.0.  Good times tho –  Caio!

DAY 47 (Ultimate Control)
Game Play: Achieve control over who I am.  Keep your arms up at all times.

Points Total: 12,200 +  300 = 12,500
Elevation Gained: 20,793′ + 1353 = 22,146′  [78.39% completed – Day 26 on the Mountain)

Summary:  Ok workout day, although I felt a bit tired.  Had a few fried dumplings today that had quite a bit of oil and that led to a stomach issue.  I had the same situation a few days ago as well.  At any rate, work through pre’s with no real issues and was able to work in 200 squats/sumo squats into the routine from DareBee.  I am feeling a bit of discomfort in my left hamstring right now.  It felt tight when I was working out, so I might have slightly hyperextend it a bit.  I will give it a bit of TLC and hopefully it goes away by morning.  Pulled back a bit going up the mountain today – climbed 1353 feet (30min, 10-14 deg @ 4.0-4.5), which still isn’t anything to sneeze at. Caio!

DAY 46 (Getting Faster)
Game Play: Level up and face my enemies

Points Total: 11,700 +  500 = 12,200
Elevation Gained: 19,341′ + 1,452 = 20,793′  [73.60% completed – Day 25 on the Mountain)

Summary: Good workout today; pretty much speed workout based on gameplay.  Muscles (upper body) are a bit sore from yesterday; should probably hold off from pushing it today, but I feel pretty ok.  Lots of high knees (600+) for DareBee and squats (200) for weekly challenge.  No issues with pre’s; broke them up into 20s feel a bit like I am cheating, but since intensity is not the issue here, I am cool with that.  Another good day up the mountain, gaining 1458 feet up K2 (0-10, 4.0-4.5 @ 13;  10-20, 4.0-4.5 @ 14 and  20-30, 4.0-4.5 @14.5).  Body is a bit sore, but I will get some rest in a couple days. Caio!

DAY 45 (Getting Stronger)
Game Play: Level up and face my enemies

Points Total: 11,200 +  500 = 11,700
Elevation Gained: 17,883′ + 1,458 = 19,341′  [68.46% completed – Day 24 on the Mountain)

Summary: Coming off a rest day, great saturday workout. Mainly upper body work today with 300 regular, incline and close push ups, as well as punches.  I was able to work the pushups into DareBee so that was great.  The pre’s were also great, mixed those up as well with other movements.  Howling winds and bad weather yesterday on the west face; had to hunker down for a day.  Today we picked up the pace and ascended 1458 feet up K2 (0-15, 4.0-4.5 @ 14 and  15-30, 4.0-4.5 @15).

DAY 44 (Bed Rest and Recovery)
Game Play: Taking a deep breath…

Points Total: 11,100 +  100 = 11,200
Elevation Gained: 16,454′ + 1,429 = 17,883′  [63.30% completed – Day 22 on the Mountain)

Summary: Pretty laid back day today for the hero.  Mainly worked on core and glutes.  I was able to work some of pre’s in with the DareBee regime, so that went pretty well.  Female unit is back home in tip top shape.  After a bunch of test, including a stress test of her heart, she got a clean bill of health.  Ascended 1429 feet up K2 today (0-15, 4.0-4.5 @ 13 and  15-30, 4.0 @14).

DAY 43 (The Betrayal)
Game Play: Nothing ever goes according to plan

Points Total: 10,800 +  300 = 11,100
Elevation Gained:15,284′ + 1170 = 16,454′  [58.24% completed – Day 21 on the Mountain)

Summary: Another great workout after missing yesterday’s workout.  Had to take the female unit in for observations, as she was feeling well.  The weirdest this tho was that we were planning to go workout out.  She started complaining of a burning in her chest.  She went into the hospital for observation.  Nothing serious beyond low potassium and possible acid reflux.  Ok, today was a really cool countdown from 100 to 20 divided amongst several exercises.  I was able to work in some of the pre’s into DareBee was that was helpful.  Ascended 1170 feet up k2 today ((0-15, 4.0 @ 13 and  15-30, 4.0 @14).  Feeling really good all around right now about workout regime; just over 2 weeks to go to complete my journey.  Caio!



DAY 42 (Battle Plans)
Game Play: Be clever or be strong.  Fight, either way.  Brute force choice. Not everything can be resolved with overwhelming force. You may have won but you suffered heavy losses that have weakened you. You now need to fight harder to win. On Day 59 add an extra 400 punches at the end of the level.  (DAAMMMNNNNN!!!!!)

Points Total: 10,500 +  300 = 10,800
Elevation Gained:13,924′ + 1360 = 15,284′  [51.35% completed – Day 19 on the Mountain)

Summary: Good workout today, tho it was sort of a trick day.  I decided to go with option to take on enemy directed but ended up with a karmic effect of adding 400 additional punches to day 59.  No worries tho – body has adapted.  Monster, no supplement today.  No issues with pre’s and for DareBee did 600 basketball jumps, 400 climbers and 500 calf raises.  Climbed 1360 feet today on K2 (0-10, 4.0 @ 12, 10-20, 4.0 @13, 20-30, 4.0 @ 14).  Will push to incrementally increase speed over coming days, but this was really challenging. Caio!


Weapon’s Practice

DAY 41 (The Return. Take Two)
Game Play: And you are back again.  My quest continues and so does my training

Points Total: 10,150 +  350 = 10,500
Elevation Gained:12,542′ + 1382 = 13,924′  [46.53% completed – Day 18 on the Mountain)

Summary: Excellent workout. Supplement with monster again and felt ok.  I was able to work in push ups from pre-60s with DareBee during this routine.  Today I had to swing the hammer – 30lbs DB @ 12x 5 along with 500 arm raises and 500 arm circles.  Climbed 1382 feet today on K2 (0-10, 4.0 @ 12, 10-20, 4.5 @12, 20-25, 4.5-5.0 @ 12, and 25-30, 4.0 @ 13). Felt really good. Caio!

DAY 40 (TIme to Move On)
Game Play: I have learned all there is here.  Time to move on

Points Total: 10,000 +  150 = 10,150
Elevation Gained: 11,066 + 1476 = 12,542′  [41.64% completed – Day 16 on the Mountain)

Summary: Really good workout today again. Held off on the supplement, but felt good nonetheless. I was able to work all of DB into the pre’s for the full workout.  And again today, I topped my previous best climb.  Today I climbed 1476 feet in 30 mins. (Started on a 12deg incline@ 4.5 and worked between holding and not holding and up to level 5.0).  I am feel pretty good about the burn that I am getting out of this.  It doesn’t feel as rough on the knees, a slight discomfort in left hip when I am holding on since I only hold with right hand.

DAY 39 (Lesson #3 Control)
Game Play: Control makes you more precise

Points Total: 9500 +  500 = 10,000
Elevation Gained: 9706 + 1360 = 11,066′  [36.42% completed – Day 15 on the Mountain)

Summary: Excellent workout today again.  I think I may have hit the sweat spot with the supplement and the monster.  Today, I was able to totally work in DareBee with the pre-60s for an extended workout.  It was fantastic!  My climb today was my all time best.  I pushed up 1360 feet in 30mins -(Changed incline or speed every 5 mins between 10deg – 12deg).  I ended my last 5 mins at 5 @ 12deg.  I also interspersed holding and not holding rails.  It was a pretty awesome workout.

DAY 38 (Lesson #2 Speed)
Game Play: Speed makes you harder to fight, difficult to beat

Points Total: 9200 +  300 = 9500
Elevation Gained: 8527 + 1179 = 9706  

Summary: Really good workout today.  I ran through all my pre’s with no issues and felt great.  Not able to work anything in with DareBee, just plugged away at high knees and punches – great cardio.  Finished up with 30 climb – (0-10, 4.5 @ 10, 10-20, 4.5-5.0 @ 11, 20-30, 4.5-5.0 @ 12).  Started off a bit higher at a 10 degree incline and alternated between holding and not.  I did not feel as fatigued today.  I pulled back with taking just one supplement so that might have been it too.  I also had some good music to assist.  Caio!


Weapon’s Practice

DAY 37 (Lesson #1 Strength)
Game Play: True Strength comes from muscle control

Points Total: 8950 +  250 = 9200
Elevation Gained: 5637 + 1850 + 1040 = 8527 
(Climbed 1850 feet not accounted for between Day 36 and 37 on the 21/22 Oct; see above.  Then completed 1040 feet on Day 37)
Summary:  I After a couple days down due to travel and just plain being tired after returning from Ithaca, got back in the swing of things today.  Really good day for pre-60s as I was able to work quite a bit of them into DareBee.  Completed pre-60s ok, and was able to work 100 pushups, squats and leg lifts as dual exercises between the pre’s and DB.  Today was weapon’s training, so I upped dumbbells to 35’s; and boy did I feel it.  Finished up with 30 climb – (0-10, 5.0 @ 8, 10-20, 4.5-5.0 @ 9, 20-25, 4.5-5.0 @ 10, and  25-30, 4.5-5.0 @ 12).  Of note fell a bit of fatigue during DB, possibly due to supplements that I am experimenting with.  I will probably try one less tomorrow or refrain totally.

DAY 36 (Peace at the Mountain Top)
Game Play: Early morning meditation

Points Total: 8800 +  150 = 8950
Elevation Gained: 4476 + 1161 = 5637
Summary:  I am writing this several days after completion.  Generally, this was the first time I can remember having a meditation session within my DareBee regiment.  At any rate, I started off with several stretches and then 10mins of meditation.  Since none of my pre-60s could be worked into this session, I just had a regular session.  I then completed the session with my 30 min climb with pretty much the same gradual process as yesterday.

DAY 35 (The Trials)
Game Play: The guru at the top of the mountain gives me three trials

Points Total: 8500 +  300 = 8800
Elevation Gained: 3453 + 1023 = 4476
Summary:  Started off today very achy, not sure why, but I was able to push through what was a pretty tough trial on the mountain top.  Completed 100 pushups, 100 situps, and 100 squats with 30sec intervals.  It pushed me a bit, but I was able to get through it.  I then followed up that with 3x 1min wall sits with 30sec intervals.  All around, a bit challenging, but my body was able to get it done.  I also pushed through my pre-60’s as well with no issue.  Awesome climb today of 1023 feet; not sure I will have too many of those days, but we will see. (0-10, 4.5 @ 8, 10-20, 4.5-5.0 @ 9, and 20-30, 5.0 @ 10).  I think I like this increment; I might stay at it for a while.

DAY 34 (The Climb)
Game Play: Giving up is not an option.  It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves

Points Total: 8200 +  300 = 8500
Elevation Gained: 2466 + 987 = 3453
Summary:  Another intense day, particularly because I had to complete 800 climbers for DareBee – hence “the climb”.  So, I just worked in DB into my pre-60s and while it made for a really challenging workout, breaking it up between the various exercise (doing 16 sets of 50 climbers)  made it somewhat manageable.  Today was again another 1st for me.  I have never done 800 climbers at one session, but today I did and it was awesome.  As I did yesterday, I continued my k2 climb with 987 feet (0-20min, 4.5 @ 8 and 20-25 4.5 @ 9 and 25-30@ 10 deg incline in 30 min)


Weapon’s Practice

DAY 33 (Journey to the Mountain)
Game Play: A higher destiny awaits me but first, I must get there.   Weapons practice today as well.

Points Total: 7600 +  600 = 8200
Elevation Gained: 1508 + 958 = 2466
Summary: Pretty intense workout today; actually it was just pretty long with medium intensity.  Got my regular monthly crick in the neck.  At any rate I pushed through my pre-60s and since I was able to work my two major movements from my pre’s into my DareBee workout, it was really good.  The major thing here today was I did 300 pushups again, much like the other day, and for the first time – 1500 Jumping Jacks.  I really feel tired right now and I know that my crick neck will come roaring back soon.  In addition to the above, today was hero training, so I worked in DB curls, bent-over rows and overhead press.  Finally, I finished up a 958 feet climb (4.5-5.0 @ 8.0 deg incline in 30 min).

DAY 32 (Aftermath)
Game Play: Recover from the disaster and find the strength to go on.

Points Total: 7400 +  200 = 7600
Elevation Gained: 750 + 758 = 1508
Summary: Good workout today.  I had to make up part 2 of DareBee due to rushing and leaving for Chey’s concert performance.  I was able to make it up without issue tho.  Ran through my pre-60s today, but I was able to work in quite a bit of it in DB routine – namely, side to side lunges and leg raises.  I was also able to make up my plank that I missed from yesterday.  I finished up with my 30 min climb – (4@5, 6@5, 8@5).  I maintained 5mph throughout the climb, as opposed to incremental.  I changed the incline every 5min, jumping between 0.5deg to 1.0deg.



DAY 31 (The Town Burns)
Game Play: How many people can you save

Points Total: 7300 +  100 = 7400
Elevation Gained: 750 + 00 = 750
Summary: Felt relatively good today, getting back on track.  I could have probably gone for a level 3, but the jump squats would probably have taken too much out of me, prior to start of my K2 climb.  I also started pre-60s today, and since I was able to work a major part of DareBee in, it went by pretty well.  It was pretty much a full body workout, with 140 push ups (chest), 140 squats (glutes) and 140 high knees (quads). I missed my plank, so I will have to double up tomorrow. I finished up with a 30 min climb – (4@5, 6@5, 8@5).


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