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2017 – Body at Peace 4 – Boxer Prime

So ended Themed Week set of workouts.  The only one left to do in the series is Yoga.  I will probably do that in the fall, but I want to use this year to really focus on peacefully reshaping my body over time with consistent workout.  I am not on 64 consecutive days of working out and I feel tremendous.  No too many aches and no really injuries to speak of.  Now that being said, I am taking on in Boxer Prime, probably the most challenging workout at DareBee.  I am in very good shape, as since I am just focusing at the 1st level, I should be alright.  My cardio is doing well too.  I now have made the switch to Garmin and really loving it, as it blends my sleep into the picture as well.  (Kept from previous foreword) – Additionally, I have added a couple layers of complexity or demand to my workout.  First, I am religiously sticking to DareBee and the Daily Dare; I am also, keeping the preliminaries.  Second, I have added a consecutive component – so, starting with the end of IronBorn, I have worked consecutively.  I intend to push for 60 straight day, then see if I can get to 90.  So far I am enjoying it and my body seems to be rising to the occasion.  I caught the flu a few day before the end of the last phase – I worked through it and was back up in only a couple of days.  It appears push through and forcing my body to continue working, I was able to push the flu out of my way.  I am also continuing my virtual push to OKC via Benton.  I am really enjoying that but I will have to pick up the mileage here in the next phase as I am running out of time. Keep leaning forward.


DAY 30 [JUL07] – Day 94 of 100
Distance: 154.68 + 6.03 = 160.71 (LA-OK Run: 551.40)
Cardio (Walk): 6.03 @ 71.00 min  (Around the block walk…)
Daily Dares : 60 Knee to Elbow Twists 
Summary: SO here I am at my final workout for Boxer Prime, I must say that I really enjoyed not just the journey, but the feeling of accomplishment.  I feel much better about myself.  I feel fitter and like a better human being.  The final workout was really really long. and the cardio felt like a beast – walking around the block to make steps felt a bit boring today.  I have to come up with a better way to go about making steps.  I might have to hit it  in the morning and evening to spread it out.  The exercises were mainly boxing movements with 300 squats thrown in.  No issues with pre’s.  DD was a bit challenging, but I had no issue get through it quite easily.  And for the second day in a row, I added 6.03 mi to my total – on my way to OKC via Benton.  I am certainly not gonna stop ’til I get enuff!…Ciao!

DAY 29 [JUL06] – Day 93 of 100
Distance:148.65 + 6.03 = 154.68 (LA-OK Run: 545.37)
Cardio (Mixed: Run-Walk/Treadmill): 6.03 @ 46.00 min  (Around the block walk-run…)
Daily Dares : 50 Squat Hold Side Bends 
Summary: Another good workout with Cheyenne’s help. I am starting to like her working out with me.  It give me a bit of motivation to push through, when I would otherwise slow down a bit.  She motivates me with trash talking.  Here today again huge numbers of pushups.  Good lord – this is the most pushups I have done in a month ever.  And as on most day, the fill in were mostly boxing moves with a generous amount of squats to boot.  DD was also pretty cool – a squat hold along with side bends.  Could have gotten more intense with higher number – did 50.  Might consider add to routine in some way.  No issues with pre’s and added 6.03 mi to my total – on my way to OKC via Benton.  I won’t stop ’til I get enuff!…Ciao!

DAY 28 [JUL05] – Day 92 of 100
Distance: 142.01 + 6.64 = 148.65 (LA-OK Run: 539.34)
Cardio (Walk): 6.64 @ 74.00 min  (western walk…)
Daily Dares : 80 Hooks 
Summary: Good workout with Cheyenne’s help. Like most of the past workouts, this again was all about push ups and boxing.  It was not that challenging, except getting to the end with the push ups.  No issues with pre’s and the DD was pretty much in line with what I have been doing boxing-wise.  Went on a long walk taking me towards the western route and around the block few times.  Ended with over 13k steps, second day in a row.  Added a total of 6.64mi to my total on my way to OKC via Benton.  Can you see me now?!…Ciao!

DAY 27 [JUL04] – Day 91 of 100
Distance: 142.01 + 0.00 = 142.01 (LA-OK Run: 532.70)
Cardio (Mixed): 0.00 @ 00.00 min  (I know I have totally miscalculated on this…)
Daily Dares : 30 Infinity Circles 
Summary: Nice workout.  Started inside working with Chey and then went outside for run-walk.  Totally enjoyed it.  Only have a few more days to completed this.  Tomorrow from what I can tell is a relatively easy day so I will be stepping up the really cardio to get some step points on the board.  I wonder what is the most that I am capable of getting.  I am also on a streak of reaching my maximum steps each day. And that number has grown considerably over the last week. Today’s workout was all about speed.  Lots of pushups and boxing.  Chey helped.  DD was pretty cool.  Remembered when I first met infinity circles some time back, it was a monster – now with good core – no issues.  No probs with pre’s and added a solid 5.91mi to my total on my way to OKC via Benton.  Just get up and do the damn theng!…Ciao!

DAY 26 [JUL03] – Day 90 of 100
Distance: 131.59 + 4.51 = 136.01 (LA-OK Run: 526.79)
Cardio (Road): 0.00 @ 00.00 min  (Long walk)
Daily Dares : 10 Cross Tricep Extensions 
Summary: Easily one of my longest workout.  It was a pretty hard workout too.  Doing just over 900 high knees was really challenging.  I got through it with much water and bit of time and guts.  I then did 6 laps around the block for roughly 3 miles or so.  Spent quite a bit of time working with Cheyenne doing a bit of attitude adjustment.  No issues with pre’s, but DD was friggin’ hard.  Save the fact that my fitness less is at a pretty high level right now, I would probably not be able to get through ten of these extensions.  Added 4.51mi to my over mileage on my way to OKC via Benton.  This tough is getting going!…Ciao!

DAY 25 [JUL02] – Day 89 of 100
Distance: 123.48 + 8.11 = 131.59 (LA-OK Run: 522.28)
Cardio (Treadmill): 8.11 @ 93.00 min  (Long walk)
Daily Dares : 40 Crunch Kicks 
Summary: Good workout.  Long walk all the way down to Mill Creek.  Not too excited to do that again.  It is kinda lonely and feels a bit dangerous.  Today’s workout was singularly focused on abs.  The DD did not depart from that either and it is not an understatement to say that the last time I did abs like this I hurt for a few days.  Abs don’t feel as bad as I write this but I know it is coming.  No issues with pre’s and what seems to be a constant lately, since I have been pushing the Garmin Step challenge, I have added another whopping 8.11mi to my total on my way to OKC via Benton.  I can feel it coming in air!…Ciao!

DAY 24 [JUL01] – Day 88 of 100
Distance:115.08 + 8.40 =123.48 (LA-OK Run: 514.17)
Cardio (Treadmill): 8.40 @ 79.00 min  (Furthest yet…another big grain of salt)
Daily Dares : 40 Single Leg Bridges 
Summary: Back with Chey today again.  Kept her going until the end.  We went out for a walk around the block.  It was kinda late and I felt a bit uncomfortable out there with her so late.  Some folks were shooting off firecrackers so that also added to the weirdness of the night.  At any rate, another long workout trying to make steps in the Garmin step-off. I maintain a 5k second place gap behind the leader, but I intend to make it up.  I know most of these other folks are gonna push for it, so I will just wait until they post.  Today was pretty challenging all around.  I think I may have missed some of the movements in the second group of drills, I will just have to make them up.  Major pushups here again – damn, I think I am gonna go for the 100 pushup challenge at the end of this.  It will be good to have that under my belt.  No issues with pre’s – like working them with Chey and the DD was a bit challenging since I have been beating up on my legs over the last couple days.  Finally, added a huge 8.40 miles to my total push on my way to OKC via Benton.  Hello, can you hear me coming’!…Ciao!

DAY 23 [JUN30] – Day 87 of 100
Distance: 106.95 + 8.13 = 115.08 (LA-OK Run: 505.77)
Cardio (Treadmill): 8.13 @ 65.00 min  (Furthest yet…grain of salt)
Daily Dares : 60 Squats 
Summary: This is sort of a late post.  Trying to complete in a steps challenge on Garmin, I delayed posting my number and so I did not have all my data to add here in my journal.  Wanted to get in a workout with Cheyenne before she took off with Cenise for the zoo, but apparently I was too late.  She got about 10 mins in before mom called her.  At any rate, I used the time to make up a lot of ground in my steps challenge.  I won week before last and came in second last week by not even close.  I want to reclaim the mantle, but I am currently in second place trailing by 5000 steps.  I plan to put in 20k tomorrow.  The guy ahead has to put in at least 15k to beat me.  But I am gonna go for it.  For today’s workout it was mainly boxing, no real challenge.  I had a lot of squats to do, so I had to put off the DD for the following day, but I got EC on it.  No issues with pre’s and added a whopping 8.13mi to my total on my way to OKC via Benton.  It’s getting serious now’!…Ciao!

DAY 22 [JUN29] – Day 86 of 100
Distance: 101.72 + 5.23 = 106.95 (LA-OK Run: 497.64)
Cardio (Treadmill): 5.23 @ 37.48 min  (Pretty good run today)
Daily Dares : 60 Balance Back Kicks 
Summary: Good workout day.  We were planning on going outside for walks/jog around the block but it started raining. At any rate we just worked out in the gym.  Chey is coming along quite well, very impressed.  Today was lots of pushups and boxing, pretty typical.  The DD was actually fun, no issues with it.  Good work through the pre’s and added a consistent 5.23mi to my total on my way to OKC via Benton.  Keep movin’!…Ciao!

DAY 21 [JUN28] – Day 85 of 100
Distance: 96.02 + 5.20 = 101.72 (LA-OK Run: 492.41)
Cardio (Road): 5.20 @ 25.22 min  (Pretty good run today)
Daily Dares : 20 Jump Knee Tucks 
Summary: I have really enjoyed working out this year.  For the first time it is focused and unforced.  I look forward to that time each day.  It is taking quite a bit of time to get through because I am working with Cheyenne, but once I get back on schedule, I should have no problem working through it in under an hours.  So today I was able to working in my run.  I did a 5x around the block for just under 2.5miles.  The script called for a 20min run or 10min jump rope.  Obviously I did the run.  I then at 2min interval of different boxing body moves – like rocking back-n-forth, side-to-side, etc… DD was a bit more challenging, although with my fitness level, I had no issues.  No issue with pre’s and added a total of 5.20 mi on my way to OKC via Benton.  Just can’t get enuff!…Ciao!

DAY 20 [JUN27] – Day 84 of 100
Distance: 91.02 + 5.50 = 96.52 (LA-OK Run: 487.21)
Cardio (Treadmill): 3.24 @ 30.04 min  (Pretty good run today)
Daily Dares : 40 Climbers Taps 
Summary: Keeping the streak and loving it.  Work with Chey again…pretty good.  Today’s workout was mainly boxing with a whole bunch of push ups.   – exactly 180 in total.  DD was pretty cool – I like Climber Taps.  No issues with pre’s and added a total of 5.5miles to my total on my way to OKC via Benton.  We were hoping to go OKC and Benton this weekend, but with Tamia leaving her baby, we might have to change plans.  We will see.  Keeping do what we do man!…Ciao!

DAY 19 [JUN26] – Day 83 of 100
Distance: 85.72 + 5.30 = 91.02 (LA-OK Run: 481.71)
Cardio (Treadmill): 3.00 @ 26.00 min  (Pretty good run today)
Daily Dares : 4 min Speed Bag Punches 
Summary: Pretty good workout today.  Had a pretty good workout with Cheyenne today and she did not beef at all.  In fact she did put in a good effort and I really liked it.  Today was pretty challenging – not because of the complexity of effort required, but I had to do a bunch of plank up and downs and it wreaked havoc on my elbows.  In facts I lost both of them.  Generally tho, it was all plank today – no real issues.  The DD was pretty easy and no issues with the pre’s.  Added a total of 5.3mil to my total run on my way to OKC via Benton. Just pushing it!…Ciao!

DAY 18 [JUN25] – Day 82 of 100
Distance: 80.48 + 5.24 = 85.72 (LA-OK Run: 476.41)
Cardio (Treadmill): 3.51 @ 35.11 min  (Run walk and getting it done again)
Daily Dares : 30 Cross Reach Situps
Summary: Running out of starts for this section.  Pretty late Sunday night-Monday morning so I will make this quick.  Not bad set of exercises today – mainly boxing and squats. I am pretty stoked how good my squat has gotten.  I actually did 100 squats during this session.  DD was pretty unusual.  Fist time doing Cross Reach Sit Ups.  No issues with pre’s and completed 5 a total of 5.24 mi today on my way to OKC via Benton. Can’t hep ma sef!…Ciao!

DAY 17 [JUN24] – Day 81 of 100
Distance: 75.38 + 5.10 = 80.48 (LA-OK Run: 471.17)
Cardio (Treadmill): 5.10 @ 45.40 min  (Run walk and getting it done)
Daily Dares : 2 min Tree Pose Hold
Summary: Another all around good workout day.  I have to help Cheyenne get up to some level of fitness, she is woeful and get worse.  Ingrid is also not doing too well.  She totally lacks commitment and seems to put in lackluster effort.  I really don’t know how to motivate her at all.  After all these years, she is still overweight and just appears to be going through the motions.  More recently, she seems to be getting even bigger. The focus today was mainly boxing with pushups.  I enjoyed it.  Did quite a bit of work on the road too.  No issues with pre’s and the DD was rather pleasant.  The first time I tried the Tree Pose Hold, I could not keep balance for crap, no…no problem.  I also added a total of 5.10 mi today on my way to OKC via Benton. Just doing it!…Ciao!

DAY 16 [JUN23] – Day 80 of 100
Distance: 71.08 + 4.30 = 75.38 (LA-OK Run: 466.07)
Cardio (Treadmill): 4.30 @ 36.05 min  (Meh…nothing to write home about)
Daily Dares : 100 Side Kicks
Summary: Pretty good workout today – one of the toughest one yet.  10 mins hopping to warm up was quite a bit.  The hardest was the alternating plank into the plank hold.  The other had movement with you balancing was pretty hard too.  The DD was slightly challenging, but with my level of fitness manageable.  No issues with pre’s.  Thinking about adding steps to this, but I will hold off for now.  Add a total of xx.xx miles on my way to OKC via Benton. Let’s go!…Ciao!

DAY 15 [JUN22] – Day 79 of 100
Distance: 65.88 +5.20 = 71.08 (LA-OK Run: 461.77)
Cardio (Treadmill): 5.20 @ 34.26 min  (Run walk on type of affair)
Daily Dares : 2min Uneven Plank
Summary: Relatively late workout.  Tamia is gone DM remains and Carl tried a half-ass attempt to call.  At any rate, today workout was pretty good all around.  I got through it without issue.  I rather enjoyed it too, but had to rush to get back in for DM.  Lots of pushups today, rivals one the most pushup’d workouts I have had to do.  No issues with pre’s and the DD was pretty cool.  My core is hardcore now, so these types of exercise are right up my alley.  Had to attack the treadmill today to get my step and mileage number up and in groovy territory.  Added a total of 5.2mi to my total on my way OKC via Benton. It’s groovy baby…Ciao!

DAY 14 [JUN21] – Day 78 of 100
Distance: 59.08 +6.80 = 65.88 (LA-OK Run: 456.57)
Cardio (Road): 6.80 @ 120.00 min  (Really long walk)
Daily Dares : 50 Thigh Taps
Summary: Started today will a long ass walk – talking with Carl and Marie about Tamia.  Ended up walking over 2 hours resulting in around 6 miles.  At any rate, I was up against the clock for this one.  Today was all about Abs. And for me, Abs and Thighs are my least favorite workouts, but they are the can be the most appealing physically.  DD was relatively easy it was a planking move and I had no problems with it.  No issues with pre’s and like I mention above, I added a total of 6.8mi to my total on my way to OKC via Benton. Gots to get it done…son!…Ciao!

DAY 13 [JUN20] – Day 77 of 100
Distance: 53.68 +5.40 = 59.08 (LA-OK Run: 449.77)
Cardio (Road): 5.40 @ 41.00 min  (Another Ok effort)
Double Daily Dares : 2 min O-Pose Hold
Summary: Back on schedule and it feels good.  I was able to get through this workout likidy split. This workout was actually fun.  It was a mix of a whole bunch of different movements, jacks, bob and weave, high knees, etc… Got in pre’s with no issues.  The most challenging thing today was the DD.  I was actually pooped at the end of the 2mins.  And while I did not do any speed work, I did about a 4.5mi walk around the block with my wife.  Altogether I added 5.4mi to my total on my way to OKC via Benton. Ev’ry ting is gonna be alright…Ciao!

DAY 11/12 [JUN19] – Day 76 of 100 ( 73 and 74 did not include DareBee – see spreadsheet)
Distance: 50.48 +3.20 = 53.68 (LA-OK Run: 444.37)
Cardio (Road/Treadmill): 3.30 @ 24.33 min  (Ok effort)
Double Daily Dares : 2 min Jumping T’s
Summary: Getting back on schedule.  Really good workout; kinda long but well worth it.  So now I am back on track; packing two workout into one.  Like I said yesterday, it is really good to be fit enough to be able to do 2 level 5 workouts in a day.  Most of the workout was taken up with high knees, boxing and skipping for the most part.  The DD was pretty easy and the pre’s were no issues at all.  The mileage production was not that great, but the length of the workout made up for it.  Added 3.20mi to my total on my way to  OKC via Benton. Sayin’ don’t worry…Ciao!

DAY 9/10 [JUN18] – Day 75 of 100 ( 73 and 74 did not include DareBee – see spreadsheet)
Distance: 40.98 + 9.50 = 50.48 (LA-OK Run: 441.17)
Cardio (Road/Treadmill): 5.30 @ 41.14 min  (Good amount of make up )
Double Daily Dares : 40 Infinity Circles | 40 Bridges
Summary: After a couple of missed DareBees, I got back on track today quite well.  It feels good to be fit enough to be able to do 2 level 5 workouts in a day.  Honestly the first one (Day 9) had some challenging power pushups, but other than that, it was manageable.  The second was really not challenging at all.  The first 5mins was constant moving around and light jabbing followed by stretches.  I am still one workout behind, so tomorrow I will see if I can double up again, if not I will slide it to a manageable day; no need for needless stressing.  I also did a double DD.  Infinity circles are hard; doing 40 (properly) is almost impossible. Good pre’s today – honestly pre’s kept me honest the last couple days.  Added a total of 9.5 miles over the last 3 days on my way to OKC via Benton. Doing it well…Ciao!

DAY 8 [JUN15] – Day 72 of 100
Distance: 34.58 + 6.40 = 40.98 (LA-OK Run: 431.67)
Cardio (Road): 2.01 @ 18.52 min  (felt really good)
Daily Dares : 40 Side-to-Side Lunges
Summary: Another Allentown workout.  Today was mainly planking.  Did warm up with pre’s and workout in room.  At this moment, waiting for Ingrid to go for a pre-cardio walk. Might walk for about 30mins comeback and put in a 2 miler.  DD today was relatively easy – side to side lunges. Once I am finish with my cardio, which might include a swim, I will add the final distance here in my log.  I also have to make up for my step deficit yesterday as well.  So today I added a total of 6.40 miles on my way to OKC via Benton. Time to get up…Ciao!

DAY 7 [JUN14] – Day 71 of 100
Distance: 30.48 + 4.10 = 34.58 (LA-OK Run: 425.27)
Cardio (Treadmill): 2.18 @ 24.15 min  (felt good)
Daily Dares : 20 Commandos
Summary: Tight workout here in Allentown on the road.  Felt pretty tired but had to keep the streak going.  Not to hard or guess my fitness level is just up to the game.  Had to double up on DD but no issues and no issues with pre’s.  My total steps and mileage was off as would be expected, but I will try to make up for it tomorrow.  So my total is up by 4.2mi added to my total on my way to OKC via Benton. Oh yay…go boy…Ciao!

DAY 6 [JUN13] – Day 70 of 100
Distance: 24.28 + 6.20 = 30.48 (LA-OK Run: 421.17)
Cardio (Road): 2.18 @ 24.15 min  (felt good)
Daily Dares : 60 Calf Raises
Summary: Had squeeze this in before leaving Jax to head to Allentown for Tamia’s graduation.  It was all about speed – skipping, pushups and boxing.  No issues with pre’s.  For cardio did quite a bit of roadwork – looping around several streets.  Had to get caught up on DD, so that was a late addition.  Also completed 6.20mile total for today (added later since I was on the road before the end of this day).  Total of 6.20 mi total on my way to OKC via Benton. Pushing on up the hill..Ciao!

DAY 5 [JUN12] – Day 69 of 100
Distance: 18.18 + 6.10 = 24.28 (LA-OK Run: 414.97)
Cardio (Road): 2.25 @ 27.07 min  (still pretty journeyman like…)
Daily Dares : 40 Glute Flex
Summary: Not a bad workout; not that intense at all. Mainly boxing movements for a minute. Included rocking back and forth, side to side, squating, lunges, etc.  Pretty good.  Weird kinda DD today – glute flex; enjoyed them tho.  No issues with the pre’s and was able to working in my cardio run with the exercise of the day, so that was good.  Added 6.1mi to my total today on my way to OKC via Benton. Killin’ it..Ciao!

DAY 4 [JUN11] – Day 68 of 100
Distance: 13.78 + 4.40 = 18.18 (LA-OK Run: 408.87)
Cardio (Road): 4.40 @ 42.44 min  (still pretty journeyman like…)
Daily Dares : 30 Cossack Squats
Summary: Mixed it up today quite a bit.  Lots of pushups and a fair amount of squats to boot.  Quite manageable but long.  Really feel like I am getting a pretty good workout with this regime.  DD was Cossack Squats – never heard of them but it does look like that dance – thought it was Turkish though.  Push through the pre’s with no issues.  Like the 30 count, sort of getting used to them.  Suppose I have another 3-4 months at that level.  Did quite a bit of light jogging on the road today.  Did the Bellemeade-Alderman-Carlotta-Westlawn-Bellemeade (BACWB) loop; it was pretty cool.  Added a total of 4.4miles to my total today on my way to OKC via Benton. Easy does it..Ciao!

DAY 3 [JUN10] – Day 67 of 100
Distance: 8.68 + 5.10 = 13.78 (LA-OK Run: 404.47)
Cardio (Road): 5.10 @ 42.44 min  (pretty journeyman like…)
Daily Dares : 15 V-Ups
Summary: Abs all day today.  Pretty easy day in general.  My abs are pretty strong…my core is relatively solid so I just push through this with some nice songs in the back yard.  The DD was V-Ups.  They are a bit challenging, but once you know how to breath, you are solid.  No issues with pre’s and since the girls were taking up time on the treadmill, I did my cardio as roadwork.  Did a 3miler, but overall added a total of 5.1mi to my total on my way to OKC via Benton. Here I come again babee!..Ciao!

DAY 2 [JUN09] – Day 66 of 100
Distance: 5.80 + 2.88 = 8.68 (LA-OK Run: 399.37)
Cardio (Elliptical): 2.01 @ 19.22 min  (Did not like this too much)
Daily Dares : 60 Second Raised Arms Circles
Summary: Oh yeah, this is tough stuff.  Not it is hard.  I see why it is a 5 star level.  At any rate, I push through it.  I know a few months ago, even 1 month ago, I would probably struggle worse.  At any rate, I get through it with not a great amount of difficulty.  120 squats and 120 basic burpees…really.  I got through them tho and am the better for it.  Push through pre’s with no issue – easy in fact.  Did not do alot of moving around today and only went around the block twice so I got just under 3 miles added to my total distance today.  I switched up from treadmill to elliptical and felt a bit underwhelmed – not sure why.  I used to love the elliptical.  I think I need to tune it up.  DD was relatively easy, almost boring.  So I added 2.88miles to my total distance on my to OKC via Benton. Push it good baby!..Ciao!

DAY 1 [JUN08] – Day 65 of 100
Distance: 0.00+ 5.80 = 5.80 (LA-OK Run: 396.49)
Cardio (Treadmill): 2.01 @ 16.27 min  (Ok road run, did some intervals)
Daily Dares : 100 Side Leg Raises
Summary: Just starting out Boxer Prime and I know this is going to be a beast.  I think this will be the point at which my body changes.  Really liked this first workout, hope I will be able to perform it on the road, although I anticipate it will hard-ish.  I will have to probably prep for a lot of these since they are timed.  Really like the road work that I am putting in.  Felt a bit a shin splint coming on, but I was able to work around them some. DD was 100 leg raises that was easier than I thought they would be – my body is really fit, I blew them out without issue.  Added 5.8miles to my total distance on my to OKC via Benton. I am moving now!..Ciao!

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