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2016 – Body at War 6 – Final Phase

Going into the final month of 2016, and reflecting of the past year, I am reminded what I did last year.  I work pretty well throughout the year, but decided to take some time off at the end of the year.  I finished up Phase V: Gravity, exactly a year ago and decided to sit back for a bit.  I did not get back to it meaningfully until March 31st.  By that time my body had regressed, I felt sluggish – all in all – I did not feel good; I had ceded ground to complacency and laziness.  Since May, I have seized the initiative and maintain and it honestly feels amazing.  I also found something out – tying achievement to time on the calendar is self-defeating.  Working in 30-60 day cycles with a little rest in between feels right and setting goals is definitely a must do.  I have had a blast this past year with DareBee and doing standard pre-exercises, meant as warmups, but really should be staples of, or foundational to any fitness regime.  So over the next few weeks, I will be completing challenges and Workout of the Day in preparation for IronBorn on 1 January.


DAY 16
Distance: 84.62 + 1.35 = 85.97
Cardio (Treadmill): None
Daily Dare: 3 min Leg Raise Hold

Summary: Partial workout to finish off the year.  Since I accomplished a considerable part of my target for the month, I just wanted to use today to mop up the remainder, hence the partial.  I only covered 1.35, not due to a dedicated run, but from regular movements.  At any rate, it counts towards my push on my way to Benton and loving it. Caio!

DAY 15
Distance: 79.01 + 5.61 = 84.62
Cardio (Treadmill): 0-45@ 6.0-6.5
Daily Dare: 50 Lunges with Twists

Summary: Good workout again today.  Winding down the year.  I have met just about all my other metrics, now I have 50 exercises to do to complete this phase and this year.   I will then get one day off to drink, make merry and then back on the train again.  Also, nice boost in the running department, completing approximately 5 and 2/3 miles on my way to Benton and loving it. Caio!

DAY 14
Distance: 73.473 + 5.28 = 79.01
Cardio (Treadmill): 0-45@ 6.0-6.5
Daily Dare: 40 Raised Leg Circles

Summary: Late workout day, but got it in anyways.  In fact, I think this was the fastest I have ever completed my pre’s (left out planks – I have met my goal already) – so I guess it is a partial victory.  At any rate, I am winding down to the end of the year and although I have until May to complete my full year goal set, I am gonna reset it to January, but keep the current tracker in the background.   Chalked up just under 5 and 1/3 mile on my way to Benton and loving it. Caio!

DAY 13
Distance: 68.42 + 5.31 = 73.73
Cardio (Treadmill): 0-45@ 6.0-6.5
Daily Dare: 30 Up and Down Planks

Summary: Excellent run today.  Felt really good, a bit challenging because of the repetition of the treadmill, but good run nonetheless.  I think I will finish out my year in a couple of days, take a couple days off and then start my system on the first.  I will put out an all call for anyone who wants to join my challenge this year and see if any takers.  It would be kinda cool to have a group work on some specific goals for the year.  At any rate, chalked up a slightly better run today than yesterday on my way to Benton and loving it. Caio!

DAY 12 (Christmas Day!)
Distance: 63.18 + 5.24 = 68.42
Cardio (Treadmill): 0-45@ 6.0-6.5
Daily Dare: 4 min Speed Bag Punches

Summary: No more sitting around on Christmas – got a good workout in and it felt really good.  Worked the pre’s nicely without issue, breaking it up in 25 and not stopping.  Then tried to hit the treadmill, but at first had some issues getting it started (damn it has a long rebooting time).  I thought it was dead, so I hit the elliptical, but had to leave the elliptical behind because the cadence was throwing off my tracker.  Anyways, racked up just under 5 and a quarter on my way to Benton and loving it. Caio!

DAY 11
Distance: 57.86 + 5.32 = 63.18
Cardio (Treadmill): 0-45@ 6.0-6.5
Daily Dare:
Summary: Good early workout.  Hit gym early today due to Christmas Eve and we are going to a play later.  Felt pretty easy.  We have just about a week left in this year, so pushing steadily to the end.  Run was pretty good too.  Kido decided to workout later, went out with his mom.  No issues with pre’s, just sailed through them.  Pushing through on way to Benton and loving it. Caio!

DAY 10
Distance: 52.65 + 5.21 = 57.86
Cardio (Elliptical/Treadmill): 0-5@ Level 1/15deg and  5-45@5.5-6.5
Daily Dare: 20 Push Ups with Rotations
Summary: Good workout today.  Felt pretty good after a day off.  Kido is doing much better.  He trying to push himself a bit beyond, which is ok, but I still need him to take his time and build up.  At any rate, push through pre’s without any issues.  I was supposed to move back to the elliptical today, but after 5 mins, I did not feel like I was getting a good cardio burn, so I moved back to the Treadmill. Felt challenged at the end – doesn’t mean the elliptical can’t be, just wasn’t up to it for this workout.  So I am still on the road, pushing to Benton and loving it. Caio!

Distance: 47.17 + 5.48 = 52.65
Cardio (Treadmill): 0-5@5 and  5-45@5.5-6.5
Daily Dare: 40 Modified Scissors
Summary:   All around great workout.  Didn’t feel like it today; in fact, today is supposed to be my day off, but I stepped in there to keep Marcus going.  I was going.  Pulled him back a bit. Will start rebuilding, but he has want it tho. Like I said yesterday, kid-o does need to work it a bit.  No issues at all with pre’s.  Keeping a good even schedule and just working it.  Sort of a bit of crisis on another front, this is keep me a bit sane.  Pushing to Benton and loving it. Caio!

Distance: 39.32 + 7.87 = 47.17
Cardio (Treadmill): 0-5@5, 5-10@5.5, 10-30@6, 30-40@6.5, 40-45@5.5, 45-60@6.0-6.5
Daily Dare: 5 min Punches
Summary:   Awesome run today.  I was going for 8 minutes, but didn’t quite get there.  Maybe in a few months.  Worked out with my son today – that was pretty cool.  Kid-o needs to work on his core a bit.  No issues with pre’s, just blew through them.  So now starting tomorrow, I am back on my regular 45min runs again.  I suppose I will work a few 60 min runs in later on in the year.   Still continuing on my way to Benton and making way. Caio!

Distance: 31.93 + 7.39 = 39.32
Cardio (Treadmill): 0-5@5, 5-20@5.5, 20-40@6, 40-45@6.5 (break 45-50 @ 4.5), and 50-60@5.5 – 6.5
Daily Dare: 60 sec Calf Raised Hold
Summary:   – Pretty long workout, due to being taken up the last few days.  In fact, tripled up today; don’t think I will go much beyond that for make up; 150 push ups during one workout session is quite a bit.  Nonetheless, pre’s went well – got distracted a couple times, but I stayed with it to completion.  Today I went for 60 run,got winded at 45, but I think it was sort because I was distracted, did not eat beforehand, so I was going on fumes.  I still have another session to makeup tomorrow, so I will see how it goes.  Still continuing on my way to Benton and making way. Caio!

Distance: 26.77 + 5.16 = 31,93
Cardio (Treadmill): 0-0@5, 5-20@5.5, 20-30@6, 30-40@6.5, and 40-45@6.9-7.0
Daily Dare: 60 sec Raised Legs Hold
Summary:  With a quick day off,Good workout take again. Just push through pre’s.  Have a bit of soreness in the hams, but other than that, feel pretty good.   Continuing on to Benton and making way. Caio!

Distance: 20.90 + 5.87 = 26.77
Cardio (Treadmill): 0-10@5, 10-20@5.5, 20-30@6, 30-40@6.5, and 40-45@6.9-7.0
Daily Dare: 40x Side-to-Side Ape Hops     – Video
Summary:  With a quick day off, I felt pretty strong coming into today.  Without much effort I was able to push through 45 min moving from 5.0-7.0.  It appears the climb in my mountain challenge has prepared me quite well.  No discomfort, not really winded – just excellent.  Split up my pre’s today – did them indoors.  I then followed them up with the DD challenge which was side-to-side ape hops (40 of them).  Got through it with a little burn, but it was not too bad.  At any rate, feeling good with only 2 weeks to end the year and continuing on to Benton.  BTW just got to Interstate 301 along Interstate 10 – making way. Caio!

Distance: 15.19+ 5.71 = 20.90
Cardio: 16-15deg@ 1-5 resistance
Daily Dare: Hooks
Summary:  Continuing to working it.  Good workout, did not experience any windedness today and did manage to get my best distance yet.  Easily pushed through pre’s and switched it up on the elliptical a bit.  DD were simple “Hooks” crap, I could do those all day – with EC no less.  Got a slight charlie horse in my right thigh, will take a few ibuprofen and hope it goes away.  Continuing to Benton, LA. Caio!

Distance: 10.12+ 5.07 = 15.19
Cardio: 15-16deg@ 1-5 resistance
Daily Dare: Star Plank – 30 sec
Summary: . Working it.  Pretty good workout; felt a bit winded and uneasy as I approached the end, but then the feeling passed somewhat.  Really working the ellipticals now.   The pre’s were fine as well – no issues there’ but the Star Plank was a beast.  Still feeling ok so far as I approached year’s end.  and on my way to – Benton, LA. Caio!

Distance: 5.0+ 5.12 = 10.12
Daily Dare: Matrix Tilts
Summary: Another good workout day.  I feel really good coming off the cold, but my body just feels fresh and no real deficits.  Focus in on getting the run portion started off good.  Once I get into a groove it should be pretty cool.  I am also considering including other folks into a group type run, but I am not too sure whether I need to just run another one as a group, since I can’t change the current one and I already started it.  At any rate, so far it feels good – Benton, LA, here I come. Caio!

DAY 1 
Distance: 0 + 5.0 = 5.0
Daily Dare: W Extensions
Summary: Got a pretty good workout after almost 2 weeks away.  Intended to just take a 4 day break, but upon the 5th day picked up a pretty bad cold that lasted about 5 full days.  At any rate, I gonna push to finish the rest of this year strong.  At the same time I am not gonna go crazy so much that I can’t kick off the new year in awesome style.  I will mostly be doing base pre’s, dailies from DareBee and ellipticals and treadmills.  I am also kicking off an early Road Run Challenge.  The first leg will be between Jax, FL and Benton, LA, followed by a second leg to OKC. Caio!

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