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2017 – Body at Peace 3b – Dragon Week

Following up on the previous 7-Day Boxing Workout, I am not moving into another 7-Day workout called – Dragon Workout.  I have decided to breakout both of these into to separate phases.  I pretty much consider them interphase or semi-phases.   (Kept from previous foreword) – Additionally, I have added a couple layers of complexity or demand to my workout.  First, I am religiously sticking to DareBee and the Daily Dare; I am also, keeping the preliminaries.  Second, I have added a consecutive component – so, starting with the end of IronBorn, I have worked consecutively.  I intend to push for 60 straight day, then see if I can get to 90.  So far I am enjoying it and my body seems to be rising to the occasion.  I caught the flu a few day before the end of the last phase – I worked through it and was back up in only a couple of days.  It appears push through and forcing my body to continue working, I was able to push the flu out of my way.  I am also continuing my virtual push to OKC via Benton.  I am really enjoying that but I will have to pick up the mileage here in the next phase as I am running out of time. Keep leaning forward.


DAY 7 [MAY 22] – Day 48 of 60
Distance: 41.63 + 3.69 = 45.32 (LA-OK Run: 319.24)
Cardio (Treadmill): 3.14 @ 24.58 min  (More Awesomer run!)
Daily Dares : 60 Pulse Ups
Summary: Oh yeah! another goal achieved.  Just finished up Dragon Week today and feeling like a champion.  Since I really enjoyed this series, I definitely will be doing Fighter’s Codex after my next two weeks of theme weeks.  Today was not as much kicks as it was all about the punches.  I literally threw over 720 punches, in addition to chops and kicks.  Nice prep’s without issue and the pulse ups were kinda lame.  I have to figure out how to work those into my regular regiment. Ran  a pretty good 3miler today during my HIT run segment. Overall covered a total of 3.69 mi on my way to OKC via Benton. Getting it dun sun…Ciao!

DAY 6 [MAY 21] – Day 47 of 60
Distance: 38.58 + 3.05 = 41.63 (LA-OK Run: 315.55)
Cardio (Treadmill): 3.05 @ 25.17 min  (Awesomer run!)
Daily Dares : 100 Jumping Jacks
Summary: Outstanding workout today.  Needless to say what it was mostly of – all week I have sounded like a broken record.  I did the burn sequence today again and think I can get a hang of it.   Still doing my pre’s for warm up and loving them.  DD was all JJ’s  – I loved it.  Also added just over 3mi total for today – on my way to OKC via Benton. Because I am beautiful…Ciao!

DAY 5 [MAY 20] – Day 46 of 60
Distance: 34.68 + 3.90 =38.58 (LA-OK Run: 312.50)
Cardio (Treadmill): 3.0 @ 25.19 min  (Another awesome run!)
Daily Dares : 60 Sec Push Up Plank
Summary: Got in there and got it done today.  As most of Dragon Week  as gone – the kicks continue.  I must admit though.  I am really getting fit right now.  My fat content has dropped –  can see it around the waist.  I have also turnt up my cardio.  I am now trying a burn sequence that involves resting in between high intensity periods.  Today, I had 500 kicks and 125 push-ups; now, at that rate, how can you not get fit.  Additionally, I added 3mi on my quick run, but a total of 3.90 for today on my way to OKC via Benton. Getting it done again son…Ciao!

DAY 4 [MAY 19] – Day 45 of 60
Distance: 31.05 + 3.63 =34.68 (LA-OK Run: 308.60)
Cardio (Treadmill): 2.0 @ 15.33 min  (Another awesome run!)
Daily Dares : 100 Marching Twists
Summary: Pretty good workout – I tell you what – these Dragon Week exercises are really giving my legs a workout and a half.  I am also sprinting for my daily 2miler, so that really has me moving it.  Waiting to do my DD as I write this, but all and all really good day so far.  Of note, I am working outside now and that has added another dimension to my workouts.  I think I am gonna stay with it for a while.   Today in total, I added another 3.63 mi on my way to OKC via Benton.  I doing and doing and doing it well…Ciao!

DAY 3 [MAY 18] – Day 44 of 60
Distance: 26.60 + 4.45 = 31.05 (LA-OK Run: 304.97)
Cardio (Treadmill): 2.0 @ 15.09 min  (Awesome run!)
Daily Dares : 200 Back Fists  
Summary: Today again for the main part of Dragon Week was all about the kicks yo.  I love it – tiring, but I am loving it.   Today was my fastest 2mi since I for this year.  I think I am gonna push to get down to 14 mins by the end of the season or faster.  Did my pre’s as I am ‘posed to with issue.  Overall added 4.45mi to my totals on my way to OKC via Benton. DD was again done late – 200 Back fists were  no joke.  Getting it done – son…Ciao!

DAY 2 [MAY 17] – Day 43 of 60
Distance: 24.00 + 2.60 = 26.60 (LA-OK Run: 300.52)
Cardio (Treadmill): 2.0 @ 16.53 min  (Ok run)
Daily Dares : 5 min Bounce on the Spot
Summary: Pretty good workout – lots of friggin’ kicks – I didn’t think it was gonna end. overall I think I had well over 540 kicks.  Additionally, ran through my pre’s as I supposed to without issues and hit the elliptical for another 2mi.  All and all, I racked up a total of  2.60 on my way to OKC via Benton. Oh, btw, DD was not really lame, but it was close to it.  Jumping around for 5min got me a bit warm, but I could have done without it.  Oh yeah…Ciao!

DAY 1 [MAY 16] – Day 42 of 60
Distance: 21.76 + 2.24 = 24.00 (LA-OK Run: 297.92)
Cardio (Treadmill): 2.0 @ 16.55 min  (Ok run)
Daily Dares : 50 Dead Bugs 
Summary: Not a bad workout today – now that I have move over to Dragon Week, I am doing lots of martial arts – nuff kicks and squats today.  I am really not feeling any ill-effects of it though.  I am pretty sure that it is as a result of my Power Cardio days.  At any rate, moved through pre’s, knocked out the WoD and did a relatively good run; not as fast as yesterday, but I am trying to alternate some to limit stress on body.  Since I am working out everyday, I have to conserve muscle breakdown or else I might find myself in a world of hurt needing to regenerate.   Like yesterday, I will do DD later, since the new exercise has not come out as yet.  I will also add my total mileage for today later, but as a placeholder – I added a total of 2.24 mi on my way to OKC via Benton. Kicking my pants off..Ciao!

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