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2017 – Body at Peace 6 – Totals

On to <Totals>! Yep, Strength Protocol was quite challenging.  I think I had more challenge days than I did in Boxer Prime.  After a few pretty intense routines – I am gonna go a bit more for volume over the next 30 days.  I do feel just a tad bit beat up, not too much but just a little.  I am gonna settle into Total for the next 30 days.  I might even add a Themed Week in as well.  Not sure what else I might add, but it should be pretty exciting time.  Also the Garmin Step Challenge is keeping me moving as well – it has been a welcome addition to my daily routine.  I am now on Day 125, closing in on 150 consecutive days of working out.  Body continues to look and feel good for the most part.  I have also achieved the first leg of my Jacksonville to OKC journey.  I got to Benton, LA for my pitstop at Comis and is now on my way to OKC.

(Kept from previous foreword) – Additionally, I have added a couple layers of complexity or demand to my workout.  First, I am religiously sticking to DareBee and the Daily Dare; I am also, keeping the preliminaries.  Second, I have added a consecutive component – so, starting with the end of IronBorn, I have worked consecutively.  I intend to push for 60 straight day, then see if I can get to 90.  So far I am enjoying it and my body seems to be rising to the occasion.  I caught the flu a few day before the end of the last phase – I worked through it and was back up in only a couple of days.  It appears push through and forcing my body to continue working, I was able to push the flu out of my way.  I am also continuing my virtual push to OKC via Benton.  I am really enjoying that but I will have to pick up the mileage here in the next phase as I am running out of time. Keep leaning forward.


DAY 24 [AUG 31] – Day 149 of 150
Distance: 235.28 + 6.21  = 241.49 (LA-OK Run: 1066.12)
Cardio (Mixed: Treadmill/Steps): 6.21 @ 90.00 min (Short walk)
Daily Dares : 100 Jumping Jacks
Summary: Later report.  Went to bed before logging and I am running out of time for this log 24hrs hence.  I will try to get back to this but I most likely will not be able to.  Added  6.21 mi to my total on my way to OKC. NOt time to take it easy!…Ciao!

DAY 23 [AUG 30] – Day 147 of 150
Distance: 226.35 + 8.93  = 235.28 (LA-OK Run: 1059.91)
Cardio (Mixed: Treadmill/Steps): 8.93 @ 115.00 min (Had to hurry for School meeting so quick trip on treadmill)
Daily Dares : 20 Side V-Ups
Summary: Continue in the same vain working throughout the day is really paying off for me.  I feel more relaxed, I am not rushing.  I get up have something to eat – come to the office and then mid-moring start working out here.  By early afternoon I am pretty much done.  If I want to step up my step count for competition sake, I just hit the road.  It is now 1852, I am probably gonna hit the road and listen to some Dovskevsy. At any rate, here we go –  today’s Workout Out of the Day (WoD) – UpperBody Mobility: just a bunch of upperbody movements that requires holding your elbows together and move in a certain way.  It was actually harder than it first appears.  <Totals> today was divided up between pushups (70), punches (100), shoulder taps (70) and reverse angels (40).  Not too bad.  DD was not pretty simple even though is wasn’t as hard as regular V-ups. No issues with pre’s.  Added  8.93 mi to my total on my way to OKC. NOt time to take it easy!…Ciao!

DAY 22 [AUG 29] – Day 147 of 150
Distance: 220.34 + 6.01  = 226.35 (LA-OK Run: 1050.98)
Cardio (Mixed: Treadmill/Steps): 6.01 @ 90.00 min (Had to hurry for School meeting so quick trip on treadmill)
Daily Dares : 50 Prone Reverse Flys
Summary: Pushing it through the day so that I don’t have to spend a serious amount of time away from the office.  Also great that the office is big enough for me to do my workout and work.  This means that come winter, I won’t have to sweat the rough and tumble of the garage.  At any rate, today’s Workout Out of the Day (WoD) – Shield: regular and diamond push ups, along with several back and shoulder focused movements such as reverse angels, revese prone flys and  W-extensions.  <Totals> today was 80 simple burpees – but as we all know, there is nothing simple about burpees. DD was pretty simple, I was pretty warmed up from today for them – just kiddin’.  These movements are always challenging.  Added  6.01 mi to my total on my way to OKC. NOt time to take it easy!…Ciao!

DAY 21 [AUG 28] – Day 146 of 150
Distance: 215.71 + 4.63  = 220.34 (LA-OK Run: 1044.97)
Cardio (Mixed: Treadmill/Steps): 4.63 @ 40.00 min (Had to hurry for School meeting so quick trip on treadmill)
Daily Dares : 50 Jumping Lunges
Summary: Ok workout today.  Had to rush since we had to attend parent night at Stanton.  Still a bit achy, especially left upper back.  NOt too bad though.  Still getting up with a bit of achy muscle too.  Since this is my low mileage week, I will be fine. Today’s Workout Out of the Day (WoD) – Survivor: high knees, side-steps and basic burpees. Did not feel that intense, but had the potential depending on how long you go for.  <Totals> today was all legs and butt – squats, lunges, kicks and side leg raise.  DD again was relatively tough, having done a bunch of squats, lunges and high knees, I was beating the crap out of my legs.  Added  4.63 mi to my total on my way to OKC. Let’s go bro…let’s go!…Ciao!

DAY 20 [AUG 27] – Day 145 of 150
Distance: 200.31 + 15.40  = 215.71 (LA-OK Run: 1040.34)
Cardio (Mixed: Road/Steps): 15.40 @ 96.00 min  (Rain kept on breaking but good walk anyway)
Daily Dares : 40 Circle Crunches
Summary: Good workout today.  Muscles, primarily my thigh ones feel relatively sore today.  Got up to the ache, but no worries, the coming week is a low mileage week anyway.  Not much issue with the hip flexor today either. Today’s Workout Out of the Day (WoD) – 100 PushUps: yep, just as it says for the most part along with some punches thrown in.  <Totals>  today was all abs – flutter kicks, leg raises, dead bugs and situp reaches . DD was actually pretty tough, especially after a full workout and roadwork.  Added  15.40 mi to my total on my way to OKC. Up up and away!…Ciao!

DAY 19 [AUG 26] – Day 144 of 150
Distance:185.61 + 14.70  = 200.31 (LA-OK Run: 1024.94)
Cardio (Mixed: Road/Steps): 14.7 @ 89.00 min  (Nice speed good walk)
Daily Dares : 50 Modified Scissors
Summary: Relatively easy workout today.  The hip flexor situation did not feel that intense today – still have the sensation there, but it is more nagging than anything else.  Today’s Workout Out of the Day (WoD) – Footwork: pretty simple – about 2 minutes total of twisting foot into different orientations to ease tension.  It was actually pretty good.  <Totals>  today was pushups (60) and punches (200). DD was not too bad, even given the nagging groin , I was able to get through the modified scissors without issue .  No issues also with pre’s.  Added  14.7 mi to my total on my way to OKC. Up up and away!…Ciao!

DAY 18 [AUG 25] – Day 143 of 150
Distance:174.48 + 0.0  = 185.61 (LA-OK Run: 1010.24)
Cardio (Mixed: Road/Steps): 11.13 @ 53.00 min  (Good walk)
Daily Dares : 60 Hook Kicks
Summary: Good workout overall.  Did most of it before heading out to the movies at 1045.  Ended up tweaking my hip flexor a bit – hopefully it chills out some by tomorrow.  Today’s Workout Out of the Day (WoD) – Final Form: various types of pushups, backfists and kicks (hurt myself some on the kicks – needed to keep them strict – got a bit floppy). <Totals>  today was jumping jacks and knee-to-elbow crunches. DD was not easy, given the situation – doing 60 kicks with hip flexor pain was a bit painful.  No issues again with pre’s –  and again I got to work some items from WoD and <Totals> into my pre’s, so that too was pretty cool.  Added  11.13 mi to my total on my way to OKC. Pushing all the way!…Ciao!

DAY 17 [AUG 24] – Day 142 of 150
Distance:163.48 + 11.0  = 174.48 (LA-OK Run: 999.11)
Cardio (Mixed: Road/Treadmill): 11.0 @ 75.00 min  (Good walk)
Daily Dares : 100 Knife Hand Strikes
Summary: Awesome workout in the buff today.  Never did this before – well, fully.  It started out kinda weird, but it was actually pretty freeing.  Today’s Workout Out of the Day (WoD) – BounceBack: hopping and different types of jump-jacks. <Totals>  today was squats, lunges, and a couple forms of bridges.  DD again was relatively easy.  No issues again with pre’s –  and again I got to work some items from WoD into my pre’s, namely bridges and squats, so that too was pretty cool.  Added  11.0 mi to my total on my way to OKC. Cool runnings baby!…Ciao!

DAY 16 [AUG 23] – Day 141 of 150
Distance: 152.16 + 11.32  = 163.48 (LA-OK Run: 988.11)
Cardio (Mixed: Road/Steps): 11.32 @ 100.00 min  (Good walk)
Daily Dares : 50 Folded Crunches
Summary: Another good indoor workout day.  Still push it through the day instead of waiting until evening to workout.  Need to wrap it up still earlier yet.  I think I am able to do more.  Today’s Workout Out of the Day (WoD) – Iron Maiden: squats, pushups, step up reverse lunges and punches.  Sound pretty easy, but the step up reverse lunges were killers.  <Totals>  today was 50x plank leg raises and plank leg crunches – challenge some…not hard.   DD was relatively easy.  My core is so fit (don’t brag too much), I find most core exercise (except plank longer than 3min) relatively easy.  No issues with pre’s – I got to work some items from WoD into my pre’s, namely squats, so that was pretty cool.  Added  11.32 mi to my total on my way to OKC. Cool runnings baby!…Ciao!

DAY 15 [AUG 22] – Day 140 of 150
Distance: 140.56 + 11.6  = 152.16 (LA-OK Run: 976.79)
Cardio (Mixed: Road/Steps): 11.6 @ 50.00 min  (Good walk)
Daily Dares : 30 Air Circles
Summary: Good workout today.  Coming off Yoga week, I had Workout Out of the Day (WoD) – Equalizer: basically upperbody with various types of pushups, shoulder taps and punches.  <Totals>  today was pushups and punches – lots of punches (200).  DD was pretty cool – not too challenging and had no problems with pre’s.  Had to cut walk short today as my ipod power ran out.  At any rate, I hope to end the night with around 24-25k steps – that should put me at or near the very top. I added  11.60 mi to my total on my way to OKC. I’m never gonna give it up!…Ciao!

DAY 14 [AUG 21] – Day 139 of 150
Distance: 131.26 + 9.30  = 140.56 (LA-OK Run: 965.19)
Cardio (Mixed: Road/Steps): 9.30 @ 115.00 min  (Good walk)
Daily Dares : 2min. Elbow Clicks
Summary: Not a bad workout day.  Start of a new week and I am back on competing in steps again.  Today’s workout saw the end of Yoga week – which was all about planks, <Totals> on the other hand focused on just a bunch of high knees – 200 to be exact.  DD was pretty easy and no issues with pre’s today.  On my road walk today, I felt sort of a numbness in left glute. I think it might have to do with my gait so I am watching it.  I also switch direction in going around the block, in the event it is effected by the slant of the road.   I added  9.30 mi to my total on my way to OKC. Push baby push!…Ciao!

DAY 13 [AUG 20] – Day 138 of 150
Distance:123.26 + 8.00  = 131.26 (LA-OK Run: 955.89)
Cardio (Mixed: Road/Steps): 8.00 101.00 min  (Pretty low key day…feel a bit of guilt)
Daily Dares : 4min. Side Split
Summary: Good workout today.  The <Totals> focused on squats, lunges and sidekicks – working the hamstrings, lower back and butt and Yoga  was all about upperbody stretch – yep, it kick by beeswax.  Ended up doing DD late, but it was no issue – side split held for 4 mins.  I must admit, there was a time when I could not hold it for 30sec.  My body is improving.  I am not there yet, but I am getting there. No issues with pre’s – ended up doing those at the end and then going to get my walk in afterwards.  I added  8.0 mi to my total on my way to OKC. We gonna win this race!…Ciao!

DAY 12 [AUG 19] – Day 137 of 150
Distance: 119.05 + 4.21  = 123.26 (LA-OK Run: 947.89)
Cardio (Mixed: Road/Steps): 4.21 @ 40.00 min  (Pretty low key day…feel a bit of guilt)
Daily Dares : 2min. Overhead clench/unclench fists
Summary: Not a bad day; felt a bit too easy.  I suppose having to complete your workout to go eat pizza can really take the edge off of working out. Today’s workouts were all over the place.  <Totals> was all abs – typical crunches and whatnots.  Yoga was all butt – side leg raises, leg circles, etc…that did not mean they were easy, in fact, they are friggin hard.  Doing just 30-40sec had me hurting.  I need to really do yoga more often.  DD was a bit sneaky.  It looked pretty easy until your arms start scream at you for relief.  No issues with pre’s I did work some into my <Totals> tho.  I added  4.21 mi to my total on my way to OKC. Pick up your rucksack and let’s go!…Ciao!

DAY 11 [AUG 18] – Day 136 of 150
Distance: 111.92 + 7.13  = 119.05 (LA-OK Run: 943.68)
Cardio (Mixed: Road/Steps): 7.13 @ 88.00 min  (Got some road time in again – Invisible Man)
Daily Dares : 80 Scissors
Summary: Good workout today.  I am bit concern that I am spreading it out too much, but then again, as long as I do all my calisthenics together and workout my sweat, then I should be fine.  Today <Totals> was pretty run of the mill – pushups, should taps, reverse angels and punches.  Yoga on the other hand was so intense, I would need to spend a significant amount of time on each of these poses to master and correct the forms.  I did as best as I could for as long as I could.  I think I did relatively well.  No issues with the pre’s and DD was a piece of cake.  I added  7.13 mi to my total on my way to OKC.  Going all the way babee!…Ciao!

DAY 10 [AUG 17] – Day 135 of 150
Distance: 104.72 + 7.20  = 111.92 (LA-OK Run: 936.55)
Cardio (Mixed: Road/Steps): 7.20 @ 90.00 min  (Got some road time in)
Daily Dares : 20 Scapula Shrugs
Summary: Pretty good workout throughout the day.  I was done for the most part before midday today.  For the rest of the day I was just  cruised.  I sort of lose time coordination with effort, but that is ok; as long as I am getting in the work, I think that is the most important think.  One thing tho.  Today’s walk was kinda weird.  I was lost in thought for 90 min listening to a book.  I did not feel my body.  I think I started sweating, but while I enjoyed listening to the book, I kinda miss being in tune with my body.  It was like it was just a rote experience.  I will probably try it again, but I like listening to my music as I walk, it puts me into a different mood.  At any rate today <Totals> was 60 burpees – that was fun.  For Yoga week – V-cut, it was all abs again.  All the movements were firsts for me and I cannot lie – I wasn’t able to keep good form on most of them.  I did them, but my form was sh*t.  I did DD late, but I like those shrugs and pre’s were – well pre’s…no problems.  I added  7.02 mi to my total on my way to OKC.  Going all the way babee!…Ciao!

DAY 9 [AUG 1X] – Day 134 of 150
Distance: 96.56 + 8.16  = 104.72 (LA-OK Run: 929.35)
Cardio (Mixed: Road/Steps/Treadmill): 8.16 @ 83.00 min  (DIdn’t get as much steps in)
Daily Dares : 20 Pike Push Ups
Summary: Continuing to workout throughout the day as opposed to waiting for a given moment.  I am able to still work at my desk and workout.  Today’s focus was legs – lots of squats lunges and leg raises for <Totals> and Yoga Week – Expanse focused on the upperbody.  DD was pretty cool – no issues and pre’s were no issue as well.  I did my entire workout throughout the day inside.  I need to start working a bit more efficiently through them and then I will be home free.   I added  8.16 mi to my total on my way to OKC.  Going all the way babee!…Ciao!

DAY 8 [AUG 15] – Day 133 of 150
Distance: 88.96 + 7.60  = 96.56 (LA-OK Run: 921.19)
Cardio (Mixed: Road/Steps/Treadmill): 7.6 @ 82.00 min  (Much done in step)
Daily Dares : 40 Side Plank Knee Taps
Summary: Different workout day.  Pretty much did most of the workout throughout the day.  By the time I got to the garage, I only had to do a few things.  I like this working technique a lot.  It is a bit more challenging keeping abreast of times.  I can only estimate based on earlier times.  At any rate, the focus today was starting a new theme week – Yoga.  It did not take as much time but it was nonetheless challenging.  <Totals> focus was on core – situps and twists.  DD was not too challenging – just enough. No issues with pre’s – essential got to them in the garage and then went on a short walk before finishing up on the treadmill.  I added  7.60 mi to my total on my way to OKC.  Going all the way babee!…Ciao!

DAY 7 [AUG 14] – Day 132 of 150
Distance: 83.64 + 5.32  = 88.96 (LA-OK Run: 913.59)
Cardio (Mixed: Road/Steps): 5.32 @ 40.00 min  (Pretty good mix of road and house step)
Daily Dares : 50 Around the Worlds
Summary: Felt pretty light today in light of the heavy workout last week to win the competition.  I general, today felt like my day off, but a working one.  Chey is off to school so it felt a bit different.  I sorta got used to her mouth I suppose  – bad attitude and all.  At any rate, work though <Totals>, which was primarily focused on pushups and punches; finished up hell week with a flurry of burpees, pushups, planks and punches.  It was actually pretty cool. No issues with pre’s, I actually did them after the main course.  I did not get out on the road, but as is typical, my monday step totals are pretty poor.  I added  5.32 mi to my total on my way to OKC.  If it is to be – it’s up to me!…Ciao!

DAY 6 [AUG 13] – Day 131 of 150
Distance: 73.11 + 10.53  = 83.64 (LA-OK Run: 908.27)
Cardio (Mixed: Road/Steps): 10.73 @ 79.00 min  (Pretty good mix of road and house step)
Daily Dares : 30 Windshield Wipers
Summary: Early workout and it is all good.  Worked out early got in pretty close to 19k steps along with everything else by roughly 8pm.  Went out to eat Chinese, came back and all is good.  Waiting to see the final results from this week’s step challenge.  I will be sitting out next weeks – just make my 12k per day to keep up my year personal challenge and then rejoin in a week.  Today’s focus was high knees and planks – I suppose you could say it is all about the core.  <Total> focus was core as well – 3 types of Jacks and knee-to-elbows.  DD as if this was planned was all about abs as well.  So abs got a pretty full day today.  No issues with pre’s and with steps today I added 10.53 mi to my total on my way to OKC.  Determination pushes us to where we belong!…Ciao!

DAY 5 [AUG 12] – Day 130 of 150
Distance: 58.06 + 15.05 = 73.11 (LA-OK Run: 897.74)
Cardio (Road//Steps): 15.05 @ 100.00 min  (Pretty intense House-Steps)
Daily Dares : 50 Butterfly Dips
Summary: Very full workout day.  I have focus primarily on wing the Garmin Step Challenge – 125k this week and it has taken a toll on getting anything else done around the house.  I believe I have become obsessed with winning so now I have to take a step back.  In other areas, today’s focus was legs for my <Total> portion and fullbody for Hell Week – pushups, mountain climbers and superman holds.  It was really tough.  I think I did pretty well, but I was truly not able to hold strictly to the routine – but close enough for credit.  DD was relatively easy, I have never done Butterfly Dips before, but they were cool.  No issues with pre’s and with steps, I was able to add a significant count to my miles for today.  Added 15.05 mi to my total on my way to OKC.  This is no joke!…Ciao!

DAY 4 [AUG 11] – Day 129 of 150
Distance: 44.56 + 13.50 = 58.06 (LA-OK Run: 882.69)
Cardio (Road/Treadmill/Steps): 13.50 @ 92.00 min  (Mixing it up a bit)
Daily Dares : 3min High Knees
Summary: Pretty good workout.  Got’s to make mention about lower back – getting better.  Really putting quite a bit of time on winning these step challenges.  After this week, I will compete every other week.  I like the push that they give but I find myself being pulling to doing more and that takes away from my other work.  Anyway, today’s focus was high knees and planks – I guess core.  The funny thing was – I had to do 3mins of high knees for DD.  I had no problems with it though – I do them every day; so no issues with high knees and no issues with pre’s.  Added 13.50 mi to my total on my way to OKC.  Closing in on it!…Ciao!

DAY 3 [AUG 10] – Day 128 of 150
Distance: 31.85 + 12.71 = 44.56 (LA-OK Run: 869.19)
Cardio (Treadmill/Steps): 12.71 @ 101.00 min  (Getting back to the Treadmill)
Daily Dares : 20 Single Arm Jump-Ins
Summary: Still have to mention my lower back here – still feel it slightly.  Felt pretty good today.  Today was a focus on the full body – pushups and punches.  Pretty good DD – got to say it was pretty challenging.  No issues with pre’s as always. Added 12.71 mi to my total on my way to OKC.  Leaning forward!…Ciao!

DAY 2 [AUG 9] – Day 127 of 150
Distance: 14.20 + 17.65 = 31.85 (LA-OK Run: 856.48)
Cardio (Mixed-Road/Desk): 17.65 @ 106.00 min  (Road but primarily Steps by my desk)
Daily Dares : 50 Knee-Ins and Twists
Summary: Lower back is an issue less and less, but still there.  Lone workout today – it was legs and core.  It wasn’t too challenging actually.  Jump squats, calf raises and planks.  I actually enjoyed it.   DD was challenging but ok and no issues with pre’s.  Still tracking the lower back issue.  Still feel it a bit, but it is much reduced.  Today is the start of my next series.  Added 17.65 mi to my total on my way to OKC.  Keep it movin’ babee!…Ciao!

DAY 1 [AUG 8] – Day 126 of 150
Distance: 0.0 + 14.20 = 14.20 (LA-OK Run: 838.83)
Cardio (Steps): 14.20 @ 240.00 min  (Road and Treadmill)
Daily Dares : 30 Swipers
Summary: Still tracking the lower back issue.  Still feel it a bit, but it is much reduced.  Today is the start of my next series.  I will be working the Totals programs along with either Themed Week routines or Workout of the Day routines.  I am pretty excited about it.  I am feeling pretty fit.  Still need to tighten up around the waist, but I am cool with a little summin but not too much.  So this week I will be doing the Hell Week routine.  Today was an overall body conditioning routine – Jumping Jacks, Pushups and Jump Squats.  No issues really, except the fact that Jump Squats gets me all the time.  DD was not too challenging and I had no issue with pre’s, even though I upped’ it to 40’s.  Added X.X mi to my total on my way to OKC.  Can’t stop ’til I get enuff!…Ciao!

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