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2017 – Body at Peace 3d – Katana Week

On to Katana Week not that I am flexible. Good transition after Flexibility Week.  Got a pretty nice bokken but I had to change the wrap on the handle as it started to slip.  I will continue to use this week to slow down a bit.  (Kept from previous foreword) – Additionally, I have added a couple layers of complexity or demand to my workout.  First, I am religiously sticking to DareBee and the Daily Dare; I am also, keeping the preliminaries.  Second, I have added a consecutive component – so, starting with the end of IronBorn, I have worked consecutively.  I intend to push for 60 straight day, then see if I can get to 90.  So far I am enjoying it and my body seems to be rising to the occasion.  I caught the flu a few day before the end of the last phase – I worked through it and was back up in only a couple of days.  It appears push through and forcing my body to continue working, I was able to push the flu out of my way.  I am also continuing my virtual push to OKC via Benton.  I am really enjoying that but I will have to pick up the mileage here in the next phase as I am running out of time. Keep leaning forward.


DAY 7++ [JUN07] – Day 64 of 90
Distance: 110.57 + 6.20 = 116.77 (LA-OK Run: 390.69)
Cardio (Run): 2.00 @ 18.13 min  (Ok road run, just went easy)
Daily Dares : 30 Roll Ups
Summary: Nice workout.  This ends my Phase 3 workout.  This phase has been about the theme weeks workouts.  Starting tomorrow, I will be working on Phase 4: Boxer Prime.  Today I worked on Abs.  The wasn’t that bad, my abs are pretty strong since I have been working core for sometime now.  DD was all about abs too, so what do you know.  Ipod was down today so I could not log nike workout.  I am pretty close to just going with garmin for now and just log my number into my nike portal.  The nike algorithm gives me a bit more distance, but I think garmin is truer.  At any rate, no issues with pre’s.  I think I will stay with the sword warm up and pre’s into the next phase.  Add 6.2mile sot my distance on my way to OKC via Benton. Can you feel it…yes I can!..Ciao!

DAY 7+ [JUN06] – Day 63 of 90
Distance: 107.17 + 3.40 = 110.57 (LA-OK Run: 384.49)
Cardio (Run): 2.04 @ 19.44 min  (Ok road run, just went easy)
Double Daily Dares : 2min Elbow Clicks
Summary: In the wake of Katana Week, did a daily workout today called Breathless. Under normal circumstances I could see how this could be hard, but given my level of fitness, I am able to get through without a tremendous amount of challenge.  It was just to right level to keep the lights on.  The DD was pretty easy too.  No issues with pre’s and did a 2 miler around the block today again, this time I measured with Nike.  It was a bit tougher today because I pressed a bit more.  Did not push too much, just enough to get the ticker ticking.  Cover a total of 3.4mi on my way to OKC via Benton. I have got to beat it! beat it!..Ciao!

DAY 7 [JUN05] – Day 62 of 90
Distance: 101.57 + 5.60 = 107.17 (LA-OK Run: 381.09)
Cardio (Treadmill): 2.00 @ 16.18 min  (Ok run: 5.5)
Double Daily Dares : 2min Sit Punches
Summary: Great workout today.  Not physically challenging, but mental and rewarding.  I completed Katana Week and it feels good.  I now know how to wield a Samurai sword and handle myself like a ninja.  It was awesome workout.  Honestly, I have gotten up each morning this past week with more aches than all the previous months put together.  Great DD today – the sit and punch was not that challenging, but I have been burning the core for months now, so my body is able to whether that stuff.  I have 2 more day to finish up this phase – not sure which workouts to do, but I will probably just do my pre’s or pick the workout of the day from DareBee.  Had a pretty good 2miler around the block (4x) and then finished up with another 2miles on the treadmill.  I think that is a good mix as it is not that taxing on the body.  The truth is I have been treadmilling it form my Nike program and didn’t want to throw it off today.  At any rate, I added another 5.6 miles today, as well as met my step count, on my way to OKC via Benton. On the road again..Ciao!

DAY 6 [JUN04] – Day 61 of 90
Distance: 95.87 + 5.70 = 105.57 (LA-OK Run: 375.49)
Cardio (Treadmill): 2.00 @ 16.37 min  (Ok run: 5.5-9.0)
Double Daily Dares : 40 Split Lunges
Summary: Around the road 3 times (1.5mi).  Today was good.  I only have 1 more day left in Katana and I really really enjoy it.  I have really gotten sore this week.  Just looking at it from a far, I did not expect to feel such pain from the last 2 weeks of working out, but although it has been challenging, I have enjoyed it.  I will probably add the totals to my regiment for the next phase, but I am not sure at this time.  No issues with pre’s and cardio was on point today – nice HIITs on the treadmill and went around the road 3 times.  Met my step goal as well.  In total, added 5.37 mi on my way to OKC via Benton. Pushing all the way!..Ciao!

DAY 5 [JUN03] – Day 60 of 60
Distance: 90.37 + 5.50 = 95.87 (LA-OK Run: 369.89)
Cardio (Treadmill): 2.00 @ 16.37 min  (Ok run: 6.0-6.5-7.0)
Double Daily Dares : 40 Side Plank Rotations
Summary: Awesome stuff – 60 consecutive days of workout.  Pretty intense workout today – 1000 Cuts for my Katana workout today – it was a beast.  It took a lot of energy and time to get through.  It was humbling to say the least.  My upper body is gonna pay for it tomorrow.  Also, DD was pretty intense as well.  Side plank rotations are fine doing 10 or so, but 40 in a row is quite a challenge.  No issues with pre’s today – did not work them in like yesterday, but still doing 50 to close out on point. DId the walk around today again; I am really liking it.  Overall, added a total of 5.50mi to my total on my  way to OKC via Benton. No pain – no gain!..Ciao!

DAY 4 [JUN02] – Day 59 of 60
Distance: 85.47 + 4.9 = 90.37 (LA-OK Run: 364.29)
Cardio (Treadmill): 2.00 @ 16.13 min  (Ok run: 6.5-7.0)
Double Daily Dares : 20 Raised Leg Push Ups
Summary: Another good workout today – Quick Draw.  I really enjoyed this workout.   I had to workout in the garage which is a bit confining, but it is ok.  Worked in pre’s in between sets and got a pretty good run in too.  Walked around the block twice – today, as I did yesterday.  I kind of like this too.  It gives me  a chance to listen to some music and clear my head.  I worked out a bit late, so I wasn’t so excited about that.  Also DD today was Raised Leg PushUps which I enjoyed quite a bit.  At any rate added an additional 4.9mi to my total on my  way to OKC via Benton. It feels good!..Ciao!

DAY 3 [JUN01] – Day 58 of 60
Distance: 79.27 + 6.20 = 85.47 (LA-OK Run: 359.39)
Cardio (Treadmill): 2.00 @ 16.34 min  (Ok run)
Double Daily Dares : 20 Up and Down Planks | 3 Minute Arm Extensions
Summary: Good workout today. Today was called Samurai and it really took quite a wielding of the sword to get done.  I am just enjoying it though.  No issues with pre’s  – pumped it up to 50’s from 25 and loving it.  Doubled up on DD today, I think I will just do them when they come instead of waiting.  Aded a total of 6.2 mi to my total on my  way to OKC via Benton. Go! Go! Go!..Ciao!

DAY 2 [MAY 31] – Day 57 of 60
Distance: 74.57 + 4.70 = 79.27 (LA-OK Run: 353.19)
Cardio (Treadmill): 2.00 @ 16.23 min  (Not too bad run)
Daily Dares : 10 Reverse Grip Push Ups
Summary: Another day without the Fuse.  Really not missing it.  It is so easy with the VivoActive.  All I have to do is just put it on, press a few buttons every now and then and everything happens.  I am sold.  I re-wrapped the handle of my sword and the grip feels so much better now.  The sword training is hard.  It is no just about wielding the darn thing, it also requires focus.  It is time consuming because I have to slow down and learn the movement, but I am progress and loving the challenge.  No issues with pre’s.  Had (still have) a slight tweak on my back upper left side just below the clavicle.  Worked through it today with minimal ill-effect.  Hopefully it doesn’t flare up overnight.  I am also gonna go back to using my apnea machine based on result I am getting regarding my sleep from the VivoActive.  I am getting very little deep sleep and I think it is because I am not breathing throughout the night.  At any rate I will be using that starting tonight.  I am also gonna change up how I log my miles.  I am gonna start logging mileage the following day.  So today I added 4.70mi on my way to OKC via Benton. Keep moving..Ciao!

DAY 1 [MAY 30] – Day 56 of 60
Distance: 68.97 + 5.60 = 74.57 (LA-OK Run: 348.49)
Cardio (Treadmill): 3.10 @ 25.45 min  (Not too bad run)
Daily Dares : 60 Up and Forward Stretches
Summary: First full day really without Mio Fuse.  It really feels like a breaking up, but VivoActive is kinda getting it done.  It appear to be overestimating but I think it will even out over time.  At any rate, today I started Katana – it was cool but I will have to get my handle grip wrapped.  The wrap is already coming off.  It appears to be more decoration than for practical use.  At any rate, it was a pretty good workout.  I will have to watch the video here because the pictures are a bit hard to follow.  No issues with pre’s.  Also did reverse grip push ups; think I will add that to tomorrow’s workout DD.  Still trying to figure out how to add those.  So I am approaching 60 continuous day of working out and it feels tremendous.  My body is taking it time to get to the new self and I am ok with that – steel isn’t forged instantly – it takes time.  Based on the new tracker, I have added a total of 5.6mi to my total on my way to OKC via Benton. Just lovin’ it..Ciao!

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