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2017 – Body at Peace 3c – Flexibility Week

So now, following up on Dragon Week, which by the way was pretty awesome, I am now moving into Flexibility Week.  I will use this week to slow down only a bit to get some suppleness into my soul.  I will keep my cardio, but I will stretch my limbs.  (Kept from previous foreword) – Additionally, I have added a couple layers of complexity or demand to my workout.  First, I am religiously sticking to DareBee and the Daily Dare; I am also, keeping the preliminaries.  Second, I have added a consecutive component – so, starting with the end of IronBorn, I have worked consecutively.  I intend to push for 60 straight day, then see if I can get to 90.  So far I am enjoying it and my body seems to be rising to the occasion.  I caught the flu a few day before the end of the last phase – I worked through it and was back up in only a couple of days.  It appears push through and forcing my body to continue working, I was able to push the flu out of my way.  I am also continuing my virtual push to OKC via Benton.  I am really enjoying that but I will have to pick up the mileage here in the next phase as I am running out of time. Keep leaning forward.


DAY 7 [MAY 29] – Day 55 of 60
Distance: 65.47 + 3.50 = 68.97 (LA-OK Run: 342.89)
Cardio (Treadmill): 2.00 @ 16.38 min  (Not too bad run)
Daily Dares : 50 Reverse Angels
Summary: Steady does it.  Today is the final day of stretching – what a week it was.  I went into this theme week with the expectations that I was gonna just do a bit a stretching but no – I think I have been sore every single day.  No issues with pre’s – really good way to warm up the muscles.  I think I will work in a few of the stretches going forward.  I double up on DD today, as I fell 1 day behind due to transition to doing the DD with my regular workout.  I have done my regular HIIT in a couple of days, will go back to it tomorrow maybe.  Added a total of 3.5mi today on my way to OKC via Benton. Going for it…Ciao!

DAY 6 [MAY 28] – Day 54 of 60
Distance: 63.17 + 2.30 = 65.47 (LA-OK Run: 339.39)
Cardio (Treadmill/Elliptical): 2.00 @ 17.24 min  (Terrible run! – just being honest)
Daily Dares : 50 Squats
Summary: Nice workout.  Did a switch over from previous Garmin watch and lost a bit of data in the transition.  At any rate continued stretches today and looking forward to finishing up tomorrow and then on to Katana.  I am a bit twisted up with my DD, but no worries I will unfurl tomorrow and be back straight.  Added about 2.3mi today to my total on my way to OKC via Benton. Easy does it…Ciao!

DAY 5 [MAY 27] – Day 53 of 60
Distance: 59.21 + 3.96 = 63.17 (LA-OK Run: 337.09)
Cardio (Treadmill): 2.00 @ 16.07 min  (Nice run!)
Daily Dares : 20 Dragon Push Ups
Summary: Nice workout.  Worked out early in preparation to taking Cheyenne out to brunch.  Didn’t end up going to lunch though; end up going to movies first.  At any rate that had nothing to do with my workout.  Pretty good stretching routine.  Worked outside running away from the sun. At any rate it was not particularly that challenging except the sumo squat – the powerful and large leg muscles are always hard.  No issues with pre’s.  Testing of my new fitness watch (Garmin Vivosmart HR+) is going quite well – liking it. Completed 3.96mi today add this much on my way to OKC via Benton. Going all the way…Ciao!

DAY 4 [MAY 26] – Day 52 of 60
Distance: 56.22 + 2.99 = 59.21 (LA-OK Run: 333.13)
Cardio (Treadmill): 2.00 @ 16.07 min  (Great run!)
Daily Dares : 40 High Crunches
Summary: Continue to enjoy these stretches.   I never really thought I would have felt this way about stretches – they can be a monster.  I suppose just the same way we might underestimate Yoga.  I will be experiencing Yoga in a few weeks so I will see.  These stretches were a bit easier than yesterday, but pretty full nonetheless.  No issues getting thru pre’s and now testing out a new sport watch – garmin vivosmart HR+.  Completed 2.99mi today add this much on my way to OKC via Benton. Oh yeah…Ciao!

DAY 3 [MAY 25] – Day 51 of 60
Distance: 52.24 + 3.98 = 56.22 (LA-OK Run: 330.14)
Cardio (Treadmill): 3.00 @ 25.01 min  (Great run!)
Daily Dares : 20 Upward Downward Dogs
Summary: These stretches are no joke.  They really push you a limit – quite challenging indeed.  Had to do some balancing holds and deep lunge stretches.  Left DD to do today due to them coming out well after I have finished working out.  They were fairly fun – got a pretty good warm up with them.  No issues with pre’s and had a nice 3.08mi HIIT run today after holding off of HIITing yesterday.  Overall, I added 3.98 mi to my total on my way to OKC via Benton. Ching,,,ching…Ciao!

DAY 2 [MAY 24] – Day 50 of 60
Distance: 49.95 + 2.29 = 52.24 (LA-OK Run: 326.16)
Cardio (Treadmill): 2.00 @ 16.28 min  (More Awesomer run!)
Daily Dares : 20 Upward Downward Dogs
Summary: Pretty quiet workout today.  I did work up a sweat, although I thought it would not be that intense just by appearance.  I held off from doing DD because I tend to get them late in the evening after my workout and since I am not warm, they present a bit of a problem.  I can either get sweaty to do them or risk straining a muscle.  At any rate, went through my pre’s, did a nice 2.0miler.  Did not do HIIT today, but had a total of 2.29mi added on my way to OKC via Benton. Keep it going…Ciao!

DAY 1 [MAY 23] – Day 49 of 60
Distance: 45.32 + 4.63 = 49.95 (LA-OK Run: 323.87)
Cardio (Treadmill): 3.06 @ 25.01 min  (More Awesomer run!)
Daily Dares : 80 Lunge Step Step-Ups
Summary: This flexibility workout was tougher than I thought it would be.  Honestly, it was challenging, but not that much for the exception of the plank walkouts.  Really good fully body though.  No issues with preps and my HIIT run was on point again.  I am really enjoying it.  I did get a bit winded today though.  I think because I kick it up to 6.5 on my straight run with 6.0 upfront.   Overall covered a total of 4.63 mi on my way to OKC via Benton. Ah push it…Ciao!

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