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2016 – Body at War 3

I have pretty much gotten my body within a manageable threshold.  My cardio is not as good as I would like, but I feel strong; I have managed to keep my left shoulder protected while still doing pullups and chinups; and I have had a few road runs under my belt.  Goal for this phase is to cut a bit more (not too much), get better cardio in and sleep a bit more.

Summary:  Took a couple days off between phase 1 and now back on the grind.  Body really feels good, but I know I will be sore tomorrow.  Did pull ups for the first time in a long time due to pinched nerve will go pretty slow.

Summary:  Pretty easy workout, but I probably need to stop saying that.  Hyped up the reps but keep the sets at 3.  Got a good workout.  Also went into pool for the first time this year.  Will try to make that a daily occurrence.

Summary:  Pretty good matter of fact workout today. Family is all gone to the four winds and I am at home alone.  Feels good to get in a good workout with just the right amount of stress to move the body.  Loving it!

DAY 13
Summary:  Enjoyed the down day and see Mike and Rach off.  Today I worked out with Ingrid doing the pre’s.  She clearly is strong in some areas but weak in others – that’s normal. Trying to get her regimented.

DAY 17
Summary:  Felt pretty good all around.  Did not get in as much cardio as I wanted to, but I am almost at the right weight level that I feel most comfortable.  I think once I lose a few more fat lbs I will be good.

DAY 21
Summary:  A bit of a nervous day today with some news from the boy.  Plus the female unit is upset due to any exchange.  At any rate, I got a pretty good workout in. Feel pretty fit right now; gots to hold on to this for awhile.

DAY 25
Summary:  Pretty cool workout today.  Got so ol’ school music to give a bit of kick and it really did.  I didn’t even feel any exhaustiveness to the whole affair.  Also did my first 5-miler in a long time. Great!

DAY 29
Summary:  Too a while to get back, but I am here. 2 weeks ago, too dropped Mark off at Cornell and came back to what the female unit said was a yeast infection in the backdoor area. Kinda ok now.

Summary:  Delayed entry 1 – I let the journaling part of my workout go for a couple days, but I remember it pretty well.  Listened to Christina A. did a couple times around the block and then finished up on the elliptical. Cool.

Summary:  Good workout today.  I was able to get through DB real quick and get in a good 30min on the treadmill.  The first in a little while.  To make it even cooler, I was able to get thru entire workout in one hour – yay!

DAY 10
Summary:  This is a late post.  Worked on back and biceps as well as core.  Relatively tough workout, as I had to do pull ups to failure.  For me for now that number is about 8-10ish x 3.  Did fine, but ran out of time.

DAY 14
Summary:  Skipped yesterday, but got back on track today.  What appeared to be a pretty easy DB was in fact a little challenging in parts. 3 sets of 10 pull-ups and the 90 degree moving planks were a bit tough.

DAY 18
Summary:  Decided to knock it out a bit early today.  Today was pull-up day; wasn’t a bit hesitant  since the crick the other day, but got thru it cool.  Doing 8 reg and 2 reverse no issues.  May add to normal.

DAY 22
Summary:  Things seem to be back in order; no more words from the boy.  Today was an interesting day; got new pairs of Asics Kayano (my 4th pair in 16 years). Took it for a 1.5miler – felt good.  Great to have good shoes.

DAY 26
Summary:  Good workout today again.  Body really feeling good – not pushing too much with DB.  Will probably maintain this same level of intensity in the next phase, I like it.  Also, d new music is banging.

DAY 30
Summary:  So here we are on Day 3-0.  It was broken up back a few events, but I stuck with it.  Since I took such a long break to the end, I will go into next session starting tomorrow.  Ciao!

Summary:  This is the second delayed entry.  The workout so far are really really easy compared to what I just came off (Military Fit).  I am enjoying them though.  Since I am not pushing so much muscles get a chance to heal.

Summary:  Another good day.  Did a bit of roadwork today to warm up and then a few more runs around the block.  Damn it felt hard.  Really puzzling that I get so winded.  My stamina has definitely not been up to to par.

DAY 11
Summary:  Another pretty good day. I feel like my body is getting in tune more and more. The DB sessions are not too intense so I am able to focus more on the entire routine, including my pre-40s – soon to be pre-50s.

DAY 15
Summary:  Relatively easy day,got n quite a few pushups.  Got up with a slight crick right-side of my neck; decided to workout thru it.  Felt a bit stiff during the workout, but was able to finish without any issues.

DAY 19
Summary:  Nice and easy, yet effective workout.  Not too impactful, but challenging enough to make a difference.  When for 1/2mi run then finished up on the treadmill. Today focused was push-ups. Great!

DAY 23
Summary:  Pretty matter of fact workout today.  I was able to get out there and do a 1.5 miler again; this time I did not wear my new Kayano, I guess I sort of missed my old shoes and it did give me a good run again.

DAY 27
Summary:  Another all around good workout. Hit the treadmill today for a 4+miler – no real ill-effects. Have a slight discomfort in right glute; chalk that up to needing to stretch a bit more. Otherwise feel good.

Summary:  Back on track.  Volunteered for BFAS today – it was hot as hell on the bike course.  Came home and hit the gym during what is easily the hottest part of the day. This DB is relatively easy so I am able to survive,

Summary:  First full road run and it really was not too bad.  Ran 3 miles before calisthenics or DB.  Got tired at the end but not as bad as I expected.  It killed my leg muscles so I struggle a bit w/ exercises at the end.

DAY 12
Summary:  Good workout day before my one day rest.  It was a bit hot, but I was able to get a 4.5mi run on the treadmill while stretching the tendons during DareBee.  When in the pool for a cool down afterwards.

DAY 16
Summary:  Pretty routine workout; felt really strong. Still feel the crick but it not as bad. Did a 1/2 miler on the road – it felt pretty tough, which was sort of odd, as I don’t expect to feel so winded at this point.

DAY 20
Summary:  All around good workout before rest day. Really got pissed off because my ipod died on me during my run. I tried to salvage, but had lost momentum, so I stopped. Have to make sure that doesn’t happen again.

DAY 24
Summary:  Really good workout today.  For the first time ran a pretty smooth 3-miler around the block without a struggle.  I did not wear my new K’s today either.  Will be pushing more 3-milers in next iteration.

DAY 28
Summary:  Good workout – kinda hot, but not really no issue with the workout.  Winding down to the end of this phase, so I am starting to feel a sense of accomplishment. Not sure what to do next.

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