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May 18, 2017 – 2:36 pm | No Comment

How much time does it really take for a healthy person to become measurably less healthy? Less than you might think.
According to new research from the University of Liverpool, just two weeks without regular physical …

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One millennial’s advice to peers on saving for retirement: Don’t live by FOM 

July 21, 2017 – 2:35 pm | No Comment

If you’ve saved a lot for retirement, do you have any regrets about what you may have given up to achieve your financial security?
Last week, a reader, who is not a millennial, asked what if …

The huge cost new parents may be overlooking

April 16, 2017 – 5:20 pm | No Comment

Some expecting parents may forget to prepare for what will likely be their biggest expense when the baby arrives: child care.
When asked how much they think it costs to raise a baby, 54 percent of people planning …

Death Is Inevitable. Financial Turmoil Afterward Isn’t. 

January 20, 2017 – 6:33 pm | No Comment

Preparing for the death of a spouse or partner and its ramifications may be an unhappy task, but doing so can ease some avoidable financial sorrows.
MOST of us do not even want to contemplate the …

Welcome back debt! Total household debt rose by $63 billion

December 12, 2016 – 2:24 pm | No Comment

The appetite for debt is now back in a furious way.  Total household debt was up $63 billion last quarter driven largely by auto loans.  Auto loans increased by $32 billion and the amount of …

The story of inflation between 1996 and 2016

October 30, 2016 – 7:19 pm | No Comment

Inflation is rarely discussed in the mainstream press.  Most people wake up every day and simply believe that prices go up as a natural state.  These deeply held assumptions usually crack when new revelations happen …

Sustaining retirement income in a lower-return world | Vanguard Blog

October 25, 2016 – 3:37 pm | No Comment

The first place to start in a low-return environment would be to minimize your investment costs.
Every day, I seem to have a discussion with someone regarding strategies for sustaining retirement income in a lower-return world. Investors, …

Want college to pay off? These are the 50 majors with the highest earnings. 

October 18, 2016 – 4:18 pm | No Comment

Many of the highest-paying entry-level jobs are tied to engineering and technology majors.
Engineering and technology are among the most challenging fields of study in college, but all of that hard work apparently is paying off, …

Millennials are bogged down by massive student debt and confiscatory housing prices

October 16, 2016 – 5:37 pm | No Comment

Millennials are a critical group in terms of where the economy goes in the next few years.  The economy largely relies on younger people to spend and purchase consumption items.  Think of a young couple …

Securing an Early Retirement: The Blogosphere’s 7 Best Lessons

October 5, 2016 – 1:29 pm | No Comment

You can retire safely when you have 25x your annual expenses invested in income generating assets
At a time when many struggle to save enough for a comfortable retirement, there are a few people who …

Look Out! Retirement Mistakes are Easy to Make 

October 5, 2016 – 1:21 pm | No Comment

As a Certified Financial Planner for Personal Capital, I see too many people who focus on their present financial situation or the few years that lie just ahead. They don’t “look out” to what seems …

Retirement Lessons Learned From Botching Savings Early In My Career 

October 5, 2016 – 1:15 pm | No Comment

At every career stage, it’s all too easy to get caught up in the excitement of new money and forget about re-evaluating your retirement plan.
As we start, grow, and end our careers, our focus shifts …

Why black workers who do everything right still get left behind 

October 4, 2016 – 2:02 pm | No Comment

We’ve known for a while that black Americans aren’t making economic progress. A recent report from the Economic Policy Institute, a left-leaning think tank, shows that the black-white wage gap is now the widest it has been since 1979. What’s more …

With a recovery like this, who needs a recession: 62 percent of Americans don’t even have $1000 in savings.

July 13, 2016 – 4:27 pm | No Comment

The stock market just hit another record high.  Yet only half of Americans actually own any stock.  Real estate prices are ebbing closer to their previous bubble peak.  Yet the homeownership rate is down.  The …

Pinklining: The Financial Threat More Women of Color Are Facing

July 11, 2016 – 1:10 am | No Comment
curly-haired woman doing paperwork

The Great Recession is over. The economy is back on its feet. That’s the popular narrative Americans see and hear every day, but the impact of the financial crisis is still being felt across the …

Investment Tips for Grads

June 10, 2016 – 12:33 pm | No Comment

My Comments: Interview with Christine Benz by Jeremy Glaser.  Really great advice as always from Morningstar.

Putting it on plastic again – Record number of credit cards issued in 2015 surging 90 percent from 2009. 60 million credit cards issued last year alone.

May 23, 2016 – 3:04 pm | No Comment

We love credit cards as much as we hate paying bills.  As a nation we have an addiction to instant gratification.  In the not so distant past, Americans actually had to save money before making …

How To Spot A Home Repair Scam And Contractor Fraud – Life at Home – Trulia Blog

May 10, 2016 – 1:29 am | No Comment

Contractor fraud and home repair scams are all too commonplace. No matter how many reviews you’ve read online, follow these rules to avoid being ripped off.
Imagine: You’re having lunch and a contractor knocks on your …

The education and employment myth: Almost two-thirds of people in the labor force do not have a college degree.

April 11, 2016 – 12:27 pm | No Comment

There is an ongoing perception that most of the workforce has a college degree.  When we say college degree we mean at a minimum a bachelor’s degree.  You would think that with $1.3 trillion in …

1 out of 3 American households can no longer afford rent, food, and transportation. The biggest rise in expenditures comes from rising housing costs.

March 31, 2016 – 5:43 pm | No Comment

The real unemployment rate is nearly twice as high as the stated headline unemployment rate. Only 44 percent of the adult population is engaged in full-time employment. This is also reflected in the 94 million …

Mitigating the Risks of Cognitive Decline

March 28, 2016 – 11:48 am | No Comment

Is Borrowing From A 401K Smart? – Money Matters

March 27, 2016 – 10:49 pm | No Comment

It is possible to use your 401K for a down payment, but borrowing from a 401k isn’t a great idea. Find out why you shouldn’t use your 401k for down payment assistance.
Source: Is Borrowing From …

The Great Inflationary Lie: How you’ve been lied to about inflation and the cost of living since 2000.

March 17, 2016 – 3:25 pm | No Comment

You’ve been lied to about inflation.  That is the truth.  The banking apparatus wants you to believe that there is little to no inflation so they can continue with their money expanding ways but all …

Your chances of becoming poor may be higher than you think

March 9, 2016 – 3:43 pm | No Comment

Researchers can assess your odds based on just four key factors
The odds of striking it rich by playing the Powerball are 1 in 292 million — worse than the odds of being struck by lightning — …

Retirement FOMO: 5 things young investors can should do to save for retirement

January 8, 2016 – 9:59 pm | No Comment

Reflecting on National Save for Retirement Week, my co-workers and I have been thinking a lot about those close to or in retirement. However, we shouldn’t ignore the fact that our advice might actually be …

Christine Benz on End of Year Taxes

December 19, 2015 – 1:35 pm | No Comment

Don’t Rely on These 3 Flawed Strategies to Protect You From a Market Setback

October 21, 2015 – 4:19 pm | No Comment

Going to cash is a really bad idea.

At some point the volatility that’s been roiling the stock market this year will culminate in a good old-fashioned market meltdown. But no one knowswhen that will happen. …

What age is best to start drawing Social Security benefits? Truth is, it depends.

July 1, 2015 – 2:34 pm | No Comment

Waiting till 70 is often advised due to longer life spans, but sometimes starting sooner makes most sense.
If there is one piece of advice that financial advisers seem nearly unanimous on, it’s Social Security and …

5 of the most important facts everyone gets wrong about Social Security

June 17, 2015 – 1:44 pm | No Comment

When presented with a true-or-false quiz on Social Security, only one person — out of more than 1,500 tested– answered all 10 questions correctly, according to the report from MassMutual.
There’s no denying that Social Security …

5 things to think about on your journey to retirement

June 6, 2015 – 11:21 pm | No Comment

Sometimes how you envision your retirement differs from how it actually plays out, and there may be periods of uncertainty. Another way to approach the discrepancy between your retirement dream and the reality is to adjust …

The secret to being rich is surprisingly simple

June 1, 2015 – 9:02 pm | No Comment

Life is a lottery, and the most important part isn’t how smart you are or even who your parents are. It’s where you were born.
That, at least, is what economist Branko Milanovic found when he …

“The Advisor Effect” | Vanguard Blog for Advisors

May 23, 2015 – 2:03 am | No Comment

“The Vanguard Effect” has been cited in the media in both the United States and abroad to describe the tendency for investment providers to lower mutual fund and ETF expense ratios when Vanguard enters a …

Is Early Retirement More Attainable Than We Think?

May 15, 2015 – 1:36 pm | No Comment

In 2002, veteran Doug Nordman reached a crossroads that would redefine the way he viewed work, life, and early retirement. After serving 20 years in the U.S. Navy’s submarine force, he faced the possibility of …

Vanguard introduces a low-cost advice service to more investors

May 15, 2015 – 12:36 am | No Comment

Should I prioritize saving for my child’s college education over my retirement? What is the best mix of investments to reach my retirement savings goal? How can I ensure that my savings last through my …

Sector Rotation Strategy: Diversification With a Tilt | Scottrade, Inc.

May 14, 2015 – 1:05 am | No Comment

Portfolio diversification suggests that you would have adequate exposure to multiple sectors at the same time. However, it’s highly unlikely that all stock sectors will perform equally the same at the same time. Some invariably …

Risk Tolerance in your Investment Portfolio | Scottrade

May 14, 2015 – 12:59 am | No Comment

Risk means different things to different people. Someone with high risk tolerance might be entirely comfortable with a large exposure to the stock market and the volatility that comes with it, even as retirement years …

How to make kids financially foolproof

April 28, 2015 – 3:34 am | No Comment

I believe that children live what they learn.
If you want your children to be better money managers, you need to model that behavior in your home. They need to see you saving, spending wisely and …

There is a right way to talk to your kids about money – The Washington Post

April 24, 2015 – 4:07 pm | No Comment

Start by teaching them that there are benefits in waiting for things.
Being a parent presents us with daily challenges, including decisions about what things to expose our children to. One of the questions I am …

2 Key Decisions for Your Retirement Withdrawal Strategy

October 12, 2014 – 1:38 pm | No Comment

So, you’ve accumulated what seems like a sufficiently sized nest egg coming into retirement. The next step is to figure out how to get your money out of it.
At first blush, the answer seems simple: …

5 Tips for a Relaxing Retirement

October 8, 2014 – 4:06 pm | No Comment

Thoughts: Excellent article below from USAA on preparing to retire.  I don’t necessarily subscribe to tip 1 though.  I think that anyone who retires as late as 70 will not have a relaying retire; most …

When You Do—and Don’t—Need a Pro to Manage Your Money

October 5, 2014 – 4:52 pm | No Comment

Q: “At what net worth should I consider getting a money manager?”
A: There is no magic number for when you need help. Similarly, you don’t have to wait for your net worth to hit a …

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